Blood Donation Essay, Importance of Blood Donation Essay

Blood Donation Essay, Importance of Blood Donation

Blood Donation Essay, Importance of Blood Donation Essay



Blood Donation Essay, Importance of Blood Donation Essay

Blood is the inevitable fluid of the body, which on the one hand, provides energy, and on other hand, can lead to fatigue and immediate death in case of excessive loss.  The blood donation is a voluntary action to offer blood to someone else in case of necessity. The donor may be family, friends, or even a stranger. The donated blood can be used for transfusion or fractionation, i.e., separating different components of blood. As per World Health Organization, blood donors are considered as “god” as they donate the most important fluid of their body to someone else, who may be on the verge of death.

Blood Donation TYPES:

The blood donation can be categorised on the basis of several factors.

On the basis of blood components, there are two types of donations, citied as under:

  1. Whole blood donation. It is a method of transferring whole blood from one body to another via storage method. The whole blood implies all the components of blood with no segregation.
  2. Separating the components. Sometimes, the body doesn’t require whole blood, but one of the components only. The components are therefore segregated before injecting in the body of needy person.

On the basis of recipient, the blood donation is categorized with three division.

  1. Direct donation. When someone donates blood directly to their family, friends or relatives through transfusion. It, however, is rare in case of existence of established supply of blood.
  2. Indirect donation. When the blood donated is stored in blood bank for future need and can be donated to anyone, irrelevant of any relation.
  3. Replacement donation. When the blood supplied to recipient from the blood bank needs to be replaced by the blood donated from his/her family or friends. It is hybrid of above two types of donation.

Consideration and Screening:

Donors are required to provide consent before donation. Various health related questions are being asked and pre check up for any transferrable disease like HIV, Hepatitis, STDs are being done. Haemoglobin level, pulse, Blood pressure, body temperature and other elementary tests are being done too to protect donor from any severe after effects.

Blood Donation Importance and Advantages

The blood donation is not only morally good, but it is beneficial for body too. To help the person with blood and contribute in his survival, makes us happy and satisfied. However, it refreshes donor’s body system too. The loss of old cells, and regeneration of new cells helps him to freshen the system. Moreover, the elementary check up is being done before donation, which leads to proper diagnosis of donor’s body and any threat to it can be taken care of at early stage.

Blood Donation Recovery period

The 10-15 minutes time gap after donation is critical, as maximum effect can be felt at that time only. Plasma is replaced usually after 2-3 days. Red blood cells are replaced on an average of 36 days, but it may vary from 20-59 days. The blood can be donated after the said days so that body gets ample time to recover from the loss.


The immediate effect of blood donation can be fatigue, low blood pressure, vomiting and even diarrhoea. However, these issues are not common and is found on 1% of the total donors only. The less common issues includes delayed bleeding, arterial puncture, tendon injury, nerve injury and nerve irritation. Donors, sometimes, have to face adverse effects of chemical used for storage and reaction includes seizure and tingling of lips. Bruising of arm because of needle insertion is also one of the most common issue faced by donor. The last complication which is likely to arise is because of unsterilized equipment used for blood donation. The equipment, if is in direct contact with the blood, needs to be disposed off and it can create health issues, if not done so.

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