Class 3 English Quiz| Class 3 English Grammar Quiz Questions with Answers

Class 3 English Quiz| Class 3 English Grammar Quiz Questions

Here we will know about the basic concepts of English grammar Grammar is the study of words and methods working together. It guides us to communicate in a clearer and more effective way. To achieve this clear level of language proficiency and the ability to use and practice grammatical structures, both intensively and extensively, a comprehensive exposure to grammar concepts and rules is of utmost importance. Class 3 English Quiz| Class 3 English Grammar Quiz Questions are

Class 3 English Quiz Questions with Answers| Grammar Quiz

Question: The opposite gender of Peacock is

(A) Peacock

(B) Peahen

(C) Peasparrow

(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Peahen

Question: What is the opposite of word “Biggest?”

(A) Fat

(B) Dirty

(C) Tallest

(D) Smallest

Answer: (D) Smallest

Question: Fill in the blanks with simple past tense form of verbs given in the brackets

(A) Rohan …………. On the sofa (Sit)

(B) I ……….. the red ball (Kick)

(C) She………… a  letter to her father (Write)

(D) We …………….. Mango Juice (Drink)

(E) Rama …………… on the stage. (Dance)

(F) I…………. from the table (Jump)

(G) Kavita………. a latter to her mother. (Write)

(H) We all……….. 5 mangos. (Eat)

(I) My brother……….. hard for exams. (Study)

Answer: (A) Sat (B) Kicked (C) Wrote (D) Drank (E) Danced (F) Jumped (G) Wrote (H) Ate (I) Studied

Question: What is prefix?

Answer: Prefix is those letters which we add to beginning of the root word to make a new word with a different meaning.  Examples are as follows: root words are play, use, happy, test, like, connect, continue, respect , so we add prefix begging of the root word

re + play = replay re + use = reuse
un + happy = unhappy un + test = untest
dis + like = dislike dis + connect = disconnect
Dis + continue = Discontinue Dis + respect = disrespect

Question: What is suffix?

Answer:  Suffix is a letter which we add to the end of the root word to make a new word with different meaning.   Examples are as follows

Meaning + Ful = Meaningful Help + ful = Helpful
Fit + ness = Fitness Smart + ness = Smartness
Comfort + able = comfortable Read + able = readable

Question: What is a sentence?

Answer: A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.

Question: Change the following sentences into the question using helping verb.

(A) Suman will sing.

(B) It was raining.

(C) The boys were playing.

(D) Rohan has played cricket.

Answer: (A) Will suman sing?

(B) Was it raining?

(C) Were the boys playing?

(D) Has rohan played cricket.

Question: Change the singular nouns into plural nouns

(A) Pencil  (B) Tree  (C) Class (D) Switch  (E) Box

Answer: (A) Pencils (B) Trees  (C) Classes (D) Switches  (E) Boxes

Question: Complete the following sentences by using suitable article (a/an/the)

(A) I ate……ice-cream yesterday.

(B) That was …………. Easy question.

(C) Amit will come in the school after………. hour.

(D) I need…….. black pen.

(E) Let’s sing…… song.

(F) Rohan has…… cat.

Answer: (A) An (B) A  (C) An (D) a (E) a (F) a

Question:  Choose the correct option for the following questions:

(i) Rohan was…………… (Happy) to see his mother.

(A) Un

(B) re

(C) dis

Answer: (A) Un

(II) We should not eat…… (healthy) food.

(A) un

(B) re

(C) is

Answer: (A) un

Question: What is the definition of pronoun?

Answer: A pronoun is word that is used in place of noun.

Question: What is the definition of verb?

Answer: The word which tells us what a person, animal or thing does, is known as a doing word or verb.

Question: What is the definition of Adverb?

Answer: The words fast, softly and loudly are called adverbs

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