Class 7 GK Quiz Questions with Answers MCQ General Knowledge

Most Important Class 7 GK Quiz Questions Answers

Dear Students here we have updated top most important Class 7 GK Quiz Questions with Answers MCQ General Knowledge. In case you have any query or doubt about the answer or any quiz, feel free to write us. You can drop your query in comment box, provided end of the post. Here we start Class 7 GK Quiz Questions with Answers MCQ General Knowledge

Class GK 7 Quiz General Knowledge Questions Answers

Question: In which layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer located?
[A] Stratosphere
[B] Ionosphere
[C] Central Circle
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Stratosphere

Question: The speed of light is maximum.
[A] in diamond
[B] in a vacuum
[C] in water
[D] in the glass
Answer: [D] In glass

Question: How long does it take for light to travel from the moon to the earth?
[A] 8 minutes
[B] 1.3 seconds
[C] 9 seconds
[D] 5 minutes
Answer: [B] 1.3 sec

Question: Good Friday is the main festival of which of the following community?
[A] Hindu
[B] Muslim
[C] Jain
[D] Christian
Answer: [D] Christian

Question: Whose signature is on ₹10 notes?
[A] President
[B] Finance Minister
[C] Secretary, Ministry of Finance
[D] Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Answer: [D] Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Question: Which of the following state’s official language is English?
[A] Manipur
[B] Nagaland
[C] Sikkim
[D] West Bengal
Answer: [B] Nagaland

Question: How much oxygen is present in the earth’s surface?
[A] 45.12 percent
[B] 46.80 percent
[C] 70 percent
[D] 75 percent
Answer: [B] 46.80 percent

Question: Which part of the Sun has the highest temperature?
[A] Photosphere
[B] Corona
[C] Chromosphere
[D] All parts have the same temperature
Answer: [B] Corona

Question: Where is Lipnich mountain located?
[A] Jupiter
[B] Mars
[C] Moon
[D] Venus
Answer: [C] Moon

Class 7 GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Question: What is Gulf Stream?
[A] A river in the bay
[B] An ocean current
[C] A surface wind
[D] None of the above
Answer: [B] An ocean stream

Question: The focal length of convex lens is………….
[A] The same for all colors
[B] short for blue light compared to red
[C] Shorter for red light than for blue
[D] Maximum for yellow light
Answer: [B] short for blue light compared to red

Question: When the world population day observed?
[A] 1 May
[B] 5 September
[C] 11 July
[D] 1 December
Answer: [C] 11 July

Question: Who discovered X-rays?
[A] W.C. Röntgen
[B] Newton
[C] Marie Curie
[D] Edition
Answer: [A] W.C. Röntgen

Question: ‘Blue Revolution’ is related to?
[A] Fish production
[B] Milk production
[C] Food production
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] Fish production

Question: Which of the following is called the power house of plant cell?
[A] Mitochondria
[B] Lysosomes
[C] Golji apparatus
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Mitochondria

Question: Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A?
[A] night blindness
[B] Beri Beri
[C] Polio
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Night blindness

Question: The ………. animal is not a mammal?
[A] Fish
[B] Bat
[C] Rabbit
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Fish

Question: Which vitamin is helpful for keeping eyes healthy?
[A] Vitamin E
[B] Vitamin C
[C] Vitamin A
[D] Vitamin K
Answer: [C] Vitamin A

Question: Which of the following is the smallest flower in the world?
[A] Wolfia
[B] lotus
[C] Rose
[D] Reflexia
Answer: [A] Wolfia

Question: In which state Namdapha National Park is located?
[A] Mizoram
[B] Manipur
[C] Arunachal Pradesh
[D] Uttar Pradesh
Answer: [C] Arunachal Pradesh

Question: 3 Bigha Corridor connects which two countries?
[A] Bangladesh and India
[B] India and China
[C] India and Pakistan
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Bangladesh and India

Question: Santosh Trophy is related to which sport?
[A] Hockey
[B] Football
[C] Cricket
[D] Badminton
Answer: [B] Football

Question: ________ is found in hemoglobin?
[A] iron
[B] copper
[C] gold
[D] asbestos
Answer: [A] Iron

Question: Which one of the following is not an Indian classical dance?
[A] Rasleela
[B] Bharatanatyam
[C] Manipuri
[D] Kathakali
Answer: [A] Rasleela

Question: What is “not to destroy government property”?
[A] Positive Duty
[B] Legal duty
[C] Civil duty
[D] Fundamental Rights
Answer: [C] Civil duty

Question: How many years is the term of a member of Rajya Sabha?
[A] 5 years
[B] 6 years
[C] 3 years
[D] 2 years
Answer: [B] 6 years

Question: Name of the first national park of India is……………
[A] Corbett National Park
[B] Bandipur National Park
[C] Periyar National Park
[D] none of the above
Answer: [A] Corbett National Park

Inventions and Inventor GK Quiz Questions Answers

Question: Who invented Ball-Point pen and in which year?
[A] Don Bradman, in 1920
[B] L. Biro, in 1938
[C] Michael Jordan, in 1935
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] L. Biro, in 1938

Question: Who invented Electric Iron and in which year?
[A] Roger Federer, in 1990
[B] Michael Schumacher, in 1980
[C] H.W. Seeley, in 1882
[D] None of these
Answer: [C] H.W. Seeley, in 1882

Question: Who invented Helicopter and in which year?
[A] Sikorsky, in 1939
[B] Thomas Fuller, in 1839
[C] Helen Keller, in 1880
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] Sikorsky, in 1939

Question: Who invented lift and in which year?
[A] Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1552
[B] E.G. Otis, in 1852
[C] Leo Tolstoy, in 1950
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] E.G. Otis, in 1852

Question: Who invented Motorcycle and in which year?
[A] Thomas Edison, in 1994
[B] Edward butler, in 1884
[C] Nikola Tesla, in 1990
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] Edward butler, in 1884

Question: Who invented Microphone and in which year?
[A] E. Berliner, In 1877
[B] Leonardo Da Vinci, in 1990
[C] Samuel Morse, in 1977
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] E. Berliner, In 1877

Question: Who invented Stethoscope and in which year?
[A] Johannes Gutenberg, in 1916
[B] Laennec, In 1816
[C] Tim Berners Lee, In 1850
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] Laennec, In 1816

Question: Who invented watch and in which year?
[A] Louis Danguerre, in 1650
[B] Peter Henlein, in 1510
[C] Eli Whitney, in 1610
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] Peter Henlein, in 1510

Question: Who invented X-Ray and in which year?
[A] John Bardeen, in 1995
[B] James Watt, in 1810
[C] Wilhelm Roentgen, in 1895
[D] None of these
Answer: [C] Wilhelm Roentgen, 1895

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