Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers GK

Easy Geography GK Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers

Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers GK

Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers GK: Here we have collected easy and most useful Geography Quiz Questions for the Kids. In this post you can get a huge number of Geography Quiz for Kids. Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids based on various Geography topics i.e. Major Rivers and Dams of India, Lakes of India, Waterfalls of India, Rivers of India, Mountains of India, Climate of India Geographical location and extent of India etc. Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids with Answers GK are as follows

Easy Geography Quiz Questions for Kids MCQ GK Quiz with Answers

Question: Which of the following planets in the solar system is almost as big as Earth?

[A] Buddha

[B] Mars

[C] Venus

[D] Yama

Answer: [C] Venus

Question: What is the position of the earth in the solar system in terms of size?

[A] Third

[B] Fourth

[C] Fifth

[D] Second

Answer: [C] Fifth

Question: In which date Earth at its maximum distance from the Sun?

[A] On 30 January

[B] 4th of July

[C] On 22nd December

[D] On 5th March

Answer: [B] 4th July

Question: On which day the earth is closest to the sun?

[A] January 3

[B] 4th March

[C] 25 December

[D] 31st January

Answer: [A] January 3

Question: In how much time does the earth complete one revolution on its axis?

[A] 23 hours 50 minutes 4 seconds

[B] 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds

[C] 24 hours

[D] 23 hours 50 minutes

Answer: [B] 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds

Question: Which planet comes between Mercury and Earth in the sequence of planets in the Solar System?

[A] Jupiter

[B] Venus

[C] Mars

[D] Saturn

Answer: [B] Venus

Question: ……………. imaginary line that divides the earth into two parts is-

[A] Equator

[B] Tropic of Capricorn

[C] Tropic of Cancer

[D] Longitude Line

Answer: [A] Equator

Question: ……………. is called “nature’s safety valve”?

[A] Earthquake

[B] Ozone gas

[C] Volcano

[D] Rivers

Answer: [C] Volcano

Question: What are those natural gaps of mountains called, which become routes?

[A] Peak

[B] Plateau

[C] Pass

[D] Rivers

Answer: [C] Pass

Question: In which continent is the Andes mountain range located?

[A] Europe

[B] Australia

[C] Africa

[D] South America

Answer: [D] South America

Question: Which of the following gas is found the most in the atmosphere?

[A] Carbon dioxide

[B] Oxygen

[C] Nitrogen

[D] Hydrogen

Answer: [C] Nitrogen

Question: Which gas of the atmosphere protects us from getting scorched by the intense rays of the sun?

[A] Oxygen

[B] Carbon dioxide

[C] Carbon monoxide

[D] Ozone gas

Answer: [D] Ozone gas

Question: communication satellites are located In which atmospheric level?

[A] Bahir Mandal

[B] Ionosphere

[C] Chob circle

[D] Stratosphere

Answer: [B] Ionosphere

Question: Which of the following chemicals is the cause of depletion of ozone level in the atmosphere?

[A] Chlorofluorocarbons

[B] Sulfur dioxide

[C] Carbon dioxide

[D] Nitrous oxide

Answer: [A] Chlorofluorocarbons

Question: Which of the following is the shape of a cyclone?

[A] Oval

[B] Circular

[C] Triangular

[D] None of the above

Answer: [A] Oval

Question: Which of the following is the largest lake in the world?

[A] Caspian Sea

[B] Lake Superior

[C] Aral Sea

[D] Dead Sea

Answer: [A] Caspian Sea

Question: …………..is the largest freshwater lake in the world

[A] Lake Baikal

[B] Victoria

[C] Superior

[D] Michigan

Answer: [C] Superior

Question: Name of the deepest lake in the world is–

[A] Lake Baikal

[B] Dead Sea

[C] Lake Superior

[D] All of the above

Answer: [A] Lake Baikal

Question: What is the total number of continents in the world?

[A] 5

[B] 7

[C] 4

[D] 8

Answer: [B] 7

Question: …………. is the largest continent in the world

[A] Asia

[B] Africa

[C] Europe

[D] South America

Answer: [A] Asia

Question: Which of the following continent has the least area?

[A] South America

[B] Africa

[C] Europe

[D] Australia

Answer: [D] Australia

Question: Which of the following is the highest mountain peak of the continent of Asia?

[A] Mount Everest

[B] Kangchenjunga

[C] Nanda Devi

[D] Godwin Austin

Answer: [A] Mount Everest

Question: Which is the continent with the most countries?

[A] Africa

[B] North America

[C] Europe

[D] Asia

Answer: [A] Africa

Question: Which country in the world has the largest number of international borders?

[A] China

[B] Nepal

[C] India

[D] Pakistan

Answer: [A] China

Question: ‘Bermuda Triangle’ is located in which of the following ocean?

[A] North Atlantic Ocean

[B] South Atlantic Ocean

[C] Pacific Ocean

[D] Indian Ocean

Answer: [A] North Atlantic Ocean

Question: Which of the following is the fastest flowing ocean current in the world?

[A] Gulf Stream current

[B] Labrador Current

[C] Benguela stream

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Gulf Stream

Question: Which is the largest river delta in the world in terms of area?

[A] Nile delta

[B] Amazon river delta

[C] Delta of Sundarbans

[D] Delta of the Mississippi River

Answer: [C] Delta of Sundarbans

Question: Which of the following country is called the paradise of pastures?

[A] Netherlands

[B] New Zealand

[C] Sri Lanka

[D] Russia

Answer: [B] New Zealand

Question: ……..is known as ‘Land of White Elephants’

[A] Thailand

[B] Kenya

[C] Germany

[D] Spain

Answer: [A] Thailand

Question: Which of the following country known as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’?

[A] India

[B] Japan

[C] Brazil

[D] Norway

Answer: [B] Japan

Question: Chambal canal irrigation project is related to which of the following?

[A] Indus basin

[B] Yamuna basin

[C] Ganga basin

[D] Tapi basin

Answer: [B] Yamuna basin

Question: In which of the following states is the Sharda Canal located for irrigation and power generation?

[A] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Arunachal Pradesh

[D] Punjab

Answer: [B] Uttar Pradesh

Question: In which area of ​​India is highly irrigated farming done?

[A] Deccan Plateau

[B] Coromandel Plain

[C] Gangetic plains

[D] none of the above

Answer: [A] Deccan Plateau

Question: In Triveni canal water comes from which of the following river-

[A] Son River

[B] Gandak river

[C] River Ganges

[D] Kosi River

Answer: [B] Gandak river

Question: Name of the longest irrigation canal in India is

[A] Indira Gandhi Canal

[B] Yamuna Canal

[C] East Kosi Canal

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Indira Gandhi Canal

Indian Geography GK Quiz Questions with Answers

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