Essay on Covid 19 for Students| Covid 19 Essay, Cause, Symptoms, Prevention

Essay on Covid 19 for Students| Covid 19 Essay, Cause, Symptoms, Prevention

Essay on Covid 19 for Students

Covid 19 is a worldwide pandemic nowadays, which is affecting health of each and every individual, whether it is physical or mental. The Covid or Corona virus disease came into the world in the year 2019, and hence, abbreviated as Covid 19. It is a contaminated disease which spreads from close contact. The touch or even the breath of contaminated person may affect the nearby individuals. The disease thus, spreads into the world very swiftly and became a pandemic. Here we are providing Essay on Covid 19 for Students| Covid 19 Essay, Cause, Symptoms, Prevention

Essay on Covid 19 in English for Students 1000 Words


Covid 19 spreads through the respiratory route from person to person. Whenever particles containing virus is being exhaled by a new person, that new person is likely to be infected with the Corona virus. It can spread when the infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, sings or breathes. When the infected particles get into eyes, mouth or nose of person in close contact with the infected person, the new person is thought to create a new infection.

The longer and closer people interact, they are more prone to be infected and transmit the virus. Moreover, there is no evidence that it can transmit from skin to skin contact, but the virus can be transmitted indirectly through touching a contaminated object or surface before touching their eyes, mouth or nose. As per reports, an infected person can infect others up to 2 days before showing any signs and symptoms.


The signs and symptoms of corona virus vary from mild to severe. Some of the common symptoms include loss of taste and smell, cough, headache, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, muscle pain and breathing difficulties. Different people with same infection may have different symptoms and later can be changed with the span of time.


Corona virus can be diagnosed depending on the symptoms and are confirmed using RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) or other nucleic acid test of infected secretion. The test is done with the help of respiratory samples obtained by nasal swab or nasopharyngeal swab. Chest CT Scans along with pathological tests are also helpful in diagnosis in individuals with high infectious suspicion.

The result of tests can be available within hours and WHO has derived several protocols for testing of the covid 19 virus. Several laboratories and medical institutions are involved in the diagnosis of the virus through the nucleic acid tests.


Covid 19 virus is infectious and as it spreads through mere touching, the prevention of its spread is necessary. There are certain preventive measures recommended by public health institutions in order to control the spread the virus.

Face mask and respiratory hygiene. WHO and other public health institutions including US CDC, provides for wearing for face mask covering nose and mouth in public settings or places where transmission is easy. These covering limit the travel distance and volume of respiratory droplets emerged out of breathing, coughing, sneezing and talking. It reduces the chances of infection by filtration of inhaled and exhaled air. Health care people are recommended to use N95 or equivalent respirators in addition to the other protective measures.

Social distancing. Social distancing or physical distancing is maintaining recommended distance between individuals at the place of public setting. It helps in controlling of spread of virus as it limits the contact between individuals. It is complementary to the face masks and respiratory hygiene, and includes measures like travel restrictions, quarantine, closing up of public places like schools, malls, shopping complex, airport, railway station etc. Individuals can control the spreads of virus by isolation, limit the travel in crowded places and contact less greetings.

Self isolation or quarantine. This method is recommended for people who are diagnosed with covid positive. Self isolation will help in restricting the spread of virus and infecting others as self quarantine will lead towards no contact with other individuals. Those who have been travelled to risk zone or met to a covid positive patient are advised to be self quarantined for at least 14 days as a preventive measure.

Hand washing and other hygiene. The WHO recommends washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after sneezing or coughing or blowing nose or going to toilet or before having food. If soap and water are not available, alcohol based hand sanitizer are recommended to be used with at least 60% of alcohol content. Home based hand sanitizers can be prepared too as per the guidelines of WHO.

Surface Cleaning. The corona virus can survive for hours on any surface after being expelled from the body of an individual. People can get infection from these surfaces if they touch their mouth, nose or eyes after coming in contact with infected surface. The temperature, humidity and type of surface will determine the age of virus over the surface and it will die soon if came in contact with the UV sun’s rays and will sustain at the room temperature or below.

On porous surface, the virus dies faster in comparison to the non porous surface. The surface must be disinfected with the help of sanitizers in case of any suspicion of infection. Moreover, the surface of public areas must be disinfected at regular intervals so as to control the spread. Ventilation and air filtration is recommended too in public places as one of the preventive measures.

Healthy diet and lifestyle. Health institutes advised to take healthy diet, limits the psychological stress, recommends to take enough sleep and be physically active. The individual are advised to be highly immune and take ayurvedic immunity boosters too.

Vaccination. The individual must take vaccination in order to prepare the immune system of body to cope up with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, in case of infection. Several institutions were involved in preparation of vaccine, and after proper research, the vaccine arrived into the world. Several countries have given priority to high risk individuals like elderly and sick people in order to be vaccinated. As per report of National Health Agencies on 26th March 2021, 526.89 million doses were administered worldwide. Companies like Pfizer, Sputnik V, Sinovac, Johnson and Johnson are involved in preparation of vaccine.


 There is no specific treatment for the treatment of covid 19 virus, therefore, stress have been given to nullify the symptoms and providing supportive care to the infected person. Supportive care includes fluid therapy, relieve symptoms, prone positioning and oxygen support, as and when needed. In cases of mild symptoms, medicines to relieve fever and cough, intake of fluid, nasal breathing, rest, personal hygiene, isolation and healthy diet are recommended.

In case of severe issues, people are advised to head towards hospital. It is to be noted that hospital are providing separate settlement for covid patients in order to provide all the basic hygiene and control spread to other patients. Several research programs are carried on by several institutions and studies are being conducted in clinical trials too.


 The corona virus disease has widely been spread in the world. Counties like USA, China, India, and Europe are stuck with lakhs of positive cases including death of their people. The situation of chaos exists. The virus is likely to affect the body parts especially lungs and the sick and weak people are more prone to the infections.

The effects can be long lasting too. It is easy to communicate, but prevention is as easy as washing hands with soap and water. The world at current is stuck into the pandemic of corona virus which not only affects the health of people, but also shattered the economy of country because of several lock down and travel restrictions allowed by government as important preventive steps to control its spread.

The government is trying on their level to control the virus, but it’s the responsibility of each and every individual to help government to help themselves and work together to get rid of the current pandemic.

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