Essay on Discipline Importance of Discipline

Essay on Discipline Importance of Discipline Short Essay for Students, Kids

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Essay on Discipline

Discipline is very important in life. Just as water, air, food, etc. are necessary for survival, in the same way discipline in life is also important. Whatever work we do every day in our life, if we do it in a disciplined manner, then there are many more chances of success in it. Being undisciplined is not only harmful for us, but is also harmful for our family, society and country.

Discipline is the backbone of character. It is the foundation of any civilization. It comes from the word ‘disciple’ which means a learner. Discipline means learning and following certain rules that are essential for a peaceful and prosperous life.

Discipline plays an important role in Every Walk of life. In the family we learn discipline through our obedience to parents and elders. In the school discipline is equally important.

We need discipline in the playground too. The players must follow the rules of the game and show sportsmanship. In every office, discipline is a basic necessity.

The best display of this quality can be observed in the armed forces. The soldier remains in strict discipline and do whatever is commanded without question.  Even the objects of nature move and grow up in a disciplined manner. The movement of the heavenly bodies takes place in a disciplined way.

Discipline and courtesy are two sides of the same coin. How we treat people younger than us and older than us, how we do any work done by our elders is all under discipline and courtesy. Discipline reflects our style of functioning. How well we do any task can also be done through discipline. No goal can be achieved without discipline.

Live without discipline would be like a ship without a captain or a plane without a pilot. Discipline is, thus essential in life.

It is said that the family is the first step of education, so every family should discipline their children and also tell them about the importance of discipline in life.

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