Essay on Make in India, Make in India Essay in English

Essay on Make in India, Make in India Essay in English for Students, Kids

Essay on Make in India, Make in India Essay in English : Here we have published Essay on Make in India, Make in India Essay in English for Students, Childs. Short and Long Essay on Make in India for UPSC, Essay on Make in India Campaign, Essay on Make in India 200 Words. Make in India Essay is one of the most important topic can be asked in any competitive exams. Essay on Make in India, Make in India Essay in English

Make in India


India got a population of 1.37 billion and 2.4 lacs of manufacturing units, but still we are dependent on other countries for our small requirements. We used to import almost everything, be it mobile phones, furniture, home décor items, electronic appliances, clothing or utensil.

Make in India is a movement launched on 25th of September 2014 by government of India to motivate companies to manufacture their own products in India, rather than importing the same. It is like Swadeshi movement started by Mahatma Gandhi way back at the time of British rule in India.

The Make in India was most powerful call to investors, business leaders and Indian citizens. It aims to accelerate the production line and start new manufacturing units in India, to attract investors, build top class manufacturing units and stand strong and tall in the world with increased job opportunities and GDP contribution.

As quoted by Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, while introducing the programme to citizens, “I want to tell the people of the whole world: Come, make in India. Come and manufacture in India. Go and sell in any country of the world, but manufacture here. We have skill, talent, discipline and the desire to do something. We want to give the world an opportunity that come make in India”.

The programme covers 25 sector of the Indian economy and individual states launched their own local programmes like “Move in Odisha” and “Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet” to meet the need.

Objectives of Make in India: Make in India Essay in English

The major objective of Make in India programme is to increase GDP and make a movement in development of India. However, goals are determined and three of the main goals can be quoted as

To increase the manufacturing sector’s growth rate. The business is encouraged to manufacture the required products here in India, rather to get it imported. It will ultimately enhance the number of manufacturing units. The programme aims to increase the growth rate of manufacturing sector to 12-14% per annum.

To create additional manufacturing jobs in India. The establishment of manufacturing units requires man-force at and after the time of establishment. This initiative drive towards increasing the job opportunities in India and it envisions creating additional 100million jobs to combat the issue of unemployment and poverty.

To increase the contribution of manufacturing sector in GDP. The profit made out of the manufacturing units will contribute towards the GDP and overall growth and development of the country. The Make in India drive aims to ensure the enhancement of contribution of manufacturing sector in GDP to 25% by 2022.

The initiatives targets skill development, attracts foreign direct investment, develop infrastructure and to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

Sectors Involved in Make in India

Make in India initiative focus on 25 sectors of Indian economy including Automobile, Aviation, Bio technology and Construction.

Automobiles. General Motors, Kia, B.K Modi Group, SAIC Motors and PSA in partnership with C.K. Group invested in automobile industry in India and involves in manufacturing automobile. It generated employment and helps in development of the country

Automobile components. Hitachi invested in a manufacturing unit of automobile component in Chennai by 2016 which aims to increases the employment rate by 30%.

Aviation. LH Aviation and Thrust Aircraft Pvt Ltd announced establishment of manufacturing unitsfor drones and aero plane respectively in India.

Biotechnology. Across India, 35 Bio incubators have been setup with world class facilities.

Chemicals. The export of chemical products has risen after the initiative as government has liberalized the laws and regulations.

Construction. Dalian Wanda Group announced to invest ₹68000 crore in Haryana for the construction work.

Defense Manufacturing. Russia joined hands with India to invest in manufacturing of defense equipment. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Lockheed Martin and Boeing invested an ample amount in the manufacturing units of aircraft and other defense related equipment in India.

Defense Export. India confirmed to export defensive weapons to Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Electronic systems. The demand of electronic hardware seems to rise by 2020 and companies like Foxconn, Huawei, Lenevo, Samsung, Vivo, Micromax and HMD Global are interested to invest in establishment of manufacturing units India.

Electrical Machinery. Several policies were made for the electrification of the country and investment along with foreign direct investment is expected to increase.

Food processing. Indian states have indigenous products including vegetables and fruits and traditional food were planned to be promoted for the campaign. Poseidon Aquatech and Indo Nissin Foods Ltd announced to expand their investment in their realm.

Information technology and business process management.


Media and Entertainment.

Mining. Government of Odisha signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NLC India which states the establishment of a coal plant by latter with costing of around ₹7500 crore.

Oil and Gas. Aramaco -Saudi Arabian Oil giant, signed a deal for refinery and petrochemical project on western coast of India. The project involves investment of approximately $44 billion.

Pharmaceuticals. AstraZeneca, Biopharmaceutical firm of Sweden proposed to invest ₹590 crore in India in the next 5 years.

Ports and Shipping.

Railways. Alstom/GE Transportation, Hyperloop one and CRRC announced their investment in establishing railway manufacturing units in different states of India.

Renewable Energy. Avaada Power, ReNew Power and NLC India announced to invest in solar power plants in India with aggregate investment of around $5 billion.

Roads and Highways.

Space and Astronomy.

Thermal Power. Indian companies got contracts to create thermal power reactors, which will create immense job opportunities.

Textiles and Garments.


Wellness and Healthcare. Columbia Asia, indo-UK institute of Health and Patanjali Group announced to invest in different health care centres in India.

Advantages of Make In India

The initiative gives several add on advantages along with basic enhancement of investment and Job opportunities.

Some of the advantages are quoted as under:

Boost Economic Growth. Establishment of manufacturing units means the increased flow of income, resulting into enhanced GDP. Because of manufacturing units, accompanied sectors will flourish too resulting into additional growth. Enhanced GDP will show the growth of economy of India.

Raise the standard of living of India. The increased job opportunities will reduce the unemployment level and poverty thereafter. This will ultimately help in increasing the standard of living of people in India.

More Job opportunities. The establishment of manufacturing units and investment drawn will boost up the job opportunities available and will help in reducing unemployment in India.

Attract Foreign Direct Investment. Because of easy process, lenient laws, familiar environment for manufacturing units, available labour force and young mind, the investors from other countries are attracted to India and helps in enhancing our contact with World and GDP too.

Ease of doing business. Government become lenient with the laws and regulations, where necessary, and promise to provide a better environment to work on. Promising location with proper neighborhood set up is promised by government, which is very crucial for developing nation like India.

Up gradation of technology. With limited resources, India doesn’t have new technology, especially for small business houses. However, investment from different alien countries helps even small business man to have opportunity of knowledge and technology.

Development of Rural Areas. With the establishment of manufacturing plants and increased job opportunities, the rural population can have access to the technology and new opportunities. The public amenities like schools, colleges and hospitals will also helps in making them more


Although there are immense advantages of Make in India drive, but with pros, there come certain cons too.

Agriculture sector might be neglected because of establishment of manufacturing units. This establishment requires plenty of land and other natural resources like water, which leads to depletion of the same. The waste materials from the industry, if not treated well, will result into huge pollution.

Small business units, as can’t cope up with the high end foreign business and investment, have to face loss and even have to shut the business as people will prefer international brand over local produce.

However, all it needs is a balance and a positive approach.


The drive definitely has positive impact on Indian economy, because of investment, increased job opportunities and open environment to other countries.

As per the report of Princewaterhouse Coopers, India will develop itself and attains new heights in terms of Purchasing power parity and consumer economy by the year 2040 and 2025 respectively. India’s GDP, labour force, education enrolment and foreign exchange reserves will increase too in coming future.

India is ready to stand proudly because of efforts and effects. It is ready to embrace growth and is walking on current track to be a great super economic power in future.

Make in India can be taken as opportunity for everyone, and as a prospect to flourish in the world and make a separate place for our people and economy.

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