Essay on Women Empowerment,Women Empowerment Essay

Long & Short Essay on Women Empowerment,Women Empowerment Essay

Here we are presenting long & short Essay on Women Empowerment,Women Empowerment Essay in India in English for students and children. Women’s Empowerment Essay is most important topic that can be ask in any examination Write an Essay on Women Empowerment. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in India Essay. Essay on Women Empowerment in English in India for Students is describe here Essay on Women Empowerment,Women Empowerment Essay

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Women's Empowerment Essay
Women’s Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment is a worldwide term used in today’s era. However, it is not a stagnant action, rather a process. Empowerment is referred wherein the backward or deprived section of society needs to be raised so that same can become main part of the society.

The women are deprived of various social and economical benefits and empowering them means to let them use these benefits as a part of society, and not someone out of society.

The empowerment means, accepting the women and allowing them to enter into the zone of decision making process, from which they had been deprived of. Empowerment means making women realise about their power, their rights along with duties, and making them use the huge opportunities in front of them for their own betterment and development. It is making them aware about the abundant opportunities which they can utilize without any restrictions.

Empowering refers to the use of these opportunities as per their own will to live a better life, and most importantly, the way they want to live their life. Empowerment brings confidence and let women work along with men for themselves and for the growth and development of society too.

Women Empowerment Essay English in India

Women’s Empowerment is all about equipping women with education, stability and awareness and allowing them to make determined decisions in different phase of their life.

It also refers to allow women to gain ability which helps them to choose between different alternatives available, which otherwise were restricted. For instance, a strip dancer may become a receptionist or an office executive, if receive proper education and training and thus is capable to choose between alternative career options available in the market.

The Women’s Empowerment can be of various forms, like economic empowerment, political empowerment, social empowerment and so on. However, economic and political empowerment are widely classified types of empowerment.

Economic Empowerment marks a significant role of women in economy, governmental programmes and policies. Women must be provided with economic independence, mobility outdoors and purchasing power. The gender inequalities too have to be taken care of.

Economic Empowerment leads to a better world wherein both the genders has equal rights and contribution in the economic stability of house, society, country and world as a whole.

There are various incentives which need to be performed in order to make women economically independent. They have to face gender biasness at home and deprived of basic education and training of the outer world. This type of partiality can be majorly seen in developing and under developed countries.

The women should get equal opportunities of higher education and training so that they can get their hands on career and job alternatives, which will automatically male them financially and economically strong. The education and extended career options creates a much more stronger place than before at home, and helps them to gain more bargaining power over decisions to be made.

The women in several countries are barred from the inclusion in their ancestral property, and only men are provided with the inheritance benefits. Making a place for women in ancestral property and providing them the right over heritage, is one of the methods to build economic employment, and make them efficient to fight against gender inequalities.

The gender inequalities can be prominently seen at the workplace too. Women have to face difficulty in finding a job first of all, and even after getting a job, the task of standing out is not completed.

They have to fight for equal remuneration, pregnancy penalty, and have to face sexual and mental harassment too. The women are often offered with less payout than men, for the same amount and type of work, as a part of natural phenomenon.

They have given choice either to continue with the job, or the pregnancy. They have to face sexual assault and mental harassment at public places and workplace.

The empowerment of women calls for a positive people and workplace, which will increase the level of job satisfaction and strength to grow. Women who want to establish their own enterprises, or are business minded, can be provided micro credit, with less amount of interest and no requirement of collateral security. Making women financially independent is a huge concern and is helpful to empower them economically.

If however, we talk about Political Empowerment, it is something wherein several policies are being made in order to make women stand straight and proud in the society. 

It includes creating several policies for women, making reservations for them in public as well as private sectors. The policies and their proper implementation shall make women stay out of periphery of their house, and make them capable of making decisions independently.

The women must be backed up with the governmental policies of divorce, single motherhood, adultery, gender inequalities and so on.

Essay on Women Empowerment,Women Empowerment Essay

In today’s era, internet plays a vital role in the process of women’s empowerment. They can learn anything, anytime. The internet helps them to get education, training and awareness.

It makes them aware about the things going on in the world, and thus, they can think out of the threshold of their own house. It helps them to hear and to be heard too.

They now know where to look for the stuff they needed for their personal or professional life. They can enhance their skills and can stand out in crowd too. They can socialize and make others aware for their rights and duties.

Women’s Empowerment is an ongoing process, which needs to be rechecked again and again and women themselves have to work upon this. However, there are certain barriers in the empowering process.

The main barrier lies within the cultural norms. The women are pressurized to follow the age old norms and feel inferior to men. The society and its norms stand in the way of empowerment.

The usage of internet also results in the women’s empowerment, as online pornography; cyber stalking and different types of flaming derive their roots in internet only.

Sexual harassment is a very clear form of discrimination on the basis of sex and gender and acts s one of the barriers of empowerment. Recent studies shows that nowadays women are facing sexual harassment, gender inequalities and wage gap at much higher rate than men.

These barriers are day to day part of women’s life and make it difficult for the women to make a significant place in the society.

Education is one the best way to bring change in the mindset of the people and it also helps women to be aware of their rights and the way to take a stand for it. It helps in securing them with a career and hence, allows them to have a bargaining capacity in the world filled with inequalities and partiality.

The government as well as several social organizations are making efforts to have women empowered and make them stand independently in the mainstream economy.

The government is making plans and policies to help women of underprivileged communities so that they can be streamlined and can live their life independently and without restrictions. The social organizations works for the awareness programmes.


The society can’t run single handed by men and hence, women need to walk shoulder with shoulder with men to make society coherent and constantly developing.

It, however, is responsibility of each and every citizen, not to think about suppressing women and their rights, because of age old traditions and customs, rather to help them to rise and develop.

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