General Full Form Abbreviation List of Abbreviations for Students

General Full Form Abbreviation List of Abbreviations for Students

General Full Form Abbreviation List of Abbreviations for Students: Full Form Abbreviation List Get Complete and Important General Full Forms List, List of Common Abbreviations for Students. OK Full Form, GST Full Form etc. Mostly Used Full form Abbreviation

List of Common Abbreviations for Students

S.I.M.- Subscriber Identification Module

S.T.D. – Subscriber Trunk Dialing

I.S.D.- International Subscriber Dialing

P.C.O.- Public  Call Office

I.M.E.I.-  International Mobile Equipment Identity

G.P.S.- Global Positioning System

G.P.R.S. – General Packet Radio Service

G.S.M.- Global System for Mobile

C.D.M.A.- Code Division Multiple Access

P.A.N.- Permanent Account Number

G.S.T- Goods and Service Tax

I.G.S.T.- Integrated Goods and Service Tax

C.I.S.F – Central Industrial Security Force

C.R.P.F.- Central Reserve Police Force

R.P.F.- Railway Protection Force

S.P.- Superintendent of Police

General Full Form List of Abbreviations for Students

D.S.P.- Deputy Superintendent of Police

A.C.P.- Assistant Commissioner of Police

S.I.- Sub Inspector

D.I.G. – Deputy Inspector General

I.G. – Inspector General

R.A.F.- Rapid Action Force

S.T.F.- Special Task Force

I.A.F.- Indian Air Force

I.P.S.- Indian Police Service

I.A.S.- Indian Administrative Service

P.S.C.- Public Service Commission

P.C.S.- Provincial Civil Service

S.S.C.- Staff Selection Commission

I.Q.- Intelligent Quotient

H.C.L.- Hindustan Computer Limited

H.P. Hewlett Packard

WIPRO- Western India Products

I.S.R.O. – Indian Space Research Organisation

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

A.M. – Anti Meridian

A.L.U.- Arithmetic Logic Unit 

A.T.M. – Automated Teller Machine

B.ED- Bachelor of Education

B.C. – Before Christ

B.A. – Bachelor of Arts

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce

B.B.C – British Broadcasting Corporation

General Full Forms List :Abbreviation List

B.S.F.- Border Security Force  

C.I.D – Criminal Investigation Department

C.P.U.- Central Processing Unit

U.P.S. –  Uninterruptible Power Supply

C.D. – Compact Disc

C.R.T. – Cathode Ray Tube

D.V.D. – Digital Video Disc

D.N.A.- Deoxyribonucleic Acid

R.N.A.- Ribonucleic Acid

M.D. – Doctor of Medicine

M.L.A. – Member of Legislative Assembly

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

M.P. – Member of Parliament

D.L.O. – Dead Latter Office

G.P.O. – General Post Office

H.Q. – Head Quarters

M.B. – Bachelor of Medicine

M.A.- Master of Art

O.K. – (Okeh) All Correct

P.C.- Post Card

Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy

P.O. – Post Office

P.T. – Physical Training

P.T.O. – Please Turn Over

T.B. – Tuberculosis

T.O. – Telephone Operator

T.V.- Television

U.S.S.R. – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

U.D.C. – Upper Division Clerk

U.P. – Uttar Pradesh

V.P. – Vice President

V.P.P. – Value Payable Parcel

Q.M.S.- Quick Mail Service

W.H.O. – World Health Organisation

P.M.- Prime Minister / Post Meridian

P.W.D. – Public Works Department

U.S.A.- United State of America

U.K.- United Kingdom

V.I.P.- Very Important Person

N.C.E.R.T.- National Council of Educational Research and Training

C.B.S.E.- Central Board of Secondary Education

I.C.S.E.- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

B.E.L.- Bharat Electronic Limited

B.H.E.L.- Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

K.F.C.- Kentucky Fried Chicken

I.S.P- Internet Service Provider

S.N.R.- Signal to Noise Ratio

General Full Form Abbreviation List

C.M.T.S.- Cable Modem Termination System

Modem- Modulator/Demodulator

LAN- Local Area Network

WAN- Wide Area Network

V.P.N.- Virtual Private Network

I.P. – Internet Protocol

U.R.L.- Uniform Resource Locator

TCPIP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

D.N.S.- Domain Name Server

VIRUS – Vital Information Resource Under Seize

WI-FI – Wireless Fidelity

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer

IFSC-  Indian Financial System Code

O.M.R.- Optical Mark Recognition

P.F.- Provident Fund

E.P.F.- Employees’ Provident Fund

List of Abbreviations for Students

EPFO- Employee Provident Fund Organization

ESI – Employees’ State Insurance

P.D.F.- Portable Document Format

WWW – World Wide Web

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization

E mail- Electronic Mail

D.V.R. – Digital Video Recorder

CCTV -Closed Circuit Television

DSLR – Digital Single-Lens Reflex

USB – Universal Serial Bus

GOOGLE – Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

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