Global Warming Essay Write an Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming

Global Warming Essay Write an Essay on Global Warming

Global Warming Essay Write an Essay on Global Warming : We often came to hear what overall climate of Earth is changing, sea levels are rising rapidly, glaciers are melting at much higher rate, wildlife and forest are dying and marine life is affected too.

The reason behind all of these natural issues lies in the term, Global Warming. Global Warming is the ongoing, but unusual and rapid increase in average temperature of Earth’s surface primarily because of the accumulation of greenhouse gases over the atmosphere.

Write an Essay on Global Warming,Causes & Effects

When sunlight came into contact with Earth’s surface, energy is absorbed and excess heat is reflected back into the space. The natural greenhouse gas, present in the atmosphere, absorbs some of the heat, which control the climate of Earth and makes it liveable.

However, due to burning of fossil fuels and vehicle emissions, the greenhouse gases available in atmosphere rise rapidly and the heat absorbed by them also increases. This affects the overall climate and results in warming up of the Earth’s climate, more rapidly and in an unusual way.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide, Methane (CH4), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Ozone and Water Vapour are most common greenhouse gases.


The human activities are highly responsible to create influential greenhouse effect,  leading towards global warming. Some of the major causes are cities below:

  • Travel and Transportation. Road, water and air vehicles used as transportation measures, burn fossil fuel to power the engines. This process involves emission of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide and other pollutants, affecting water and air quality.

  • Deforestation. Large acres of forests are being cleared every year, for different purpose including wood harvesting, paper manufacturing, farming, grazing and building infrastructure. The trees are able to remove carbon from air and cutting down of these trees leads to the free flow of carbon in the atmosphere, thus increasing the amount of greenhouse gases.

  • Industrialization. Industrial revolution in US kicked off the global harmony aa suggested by the researchers. The industry emits greenhouse gases and other pollutants aa their by-products and waste materials, which acts as one of the major causes of Global Warming.

  • Livestock and Factory Farming. For livestock, large area of forest land is being cleared, resulting into deforestation and relevant effects. Moreover, the waste excrete of animals emits Methane, a greenhouse gas. The industrialization of agriculture lacks the positives of organic farming and have adverse effect on overall climate.

  • Consumerism. The modern day gadgets, like smartphone, on which our lives are dependent, emits greenhouse gases. The electricity used in almost all the household appliances also has a dotted effect on climate.

  • Over fishing. Being one of the major sources of protein, Fishes are largely consumed over the world, which impacts the health and biodiversity of ocean and results in the climate change.


Effects of Global Warming are widely spread over land, air, water, food, human, animals, birds, plants and every living creatures.

  • Land. Due to high rise in temperature, the patterns, climate and life cycle has been changed.

  • Animals, birds and plants are forced to migrate to different latitude  aa per their habitats.

  • The plants, which grow in alpine region, may become extinct because of warm weather.

  • Agricultural pests and weeds tends to increase and live longer because of risen temperature.

  • The crop and livestockproductivity may decrease because of rise in temperature and resultant drought like situation.

  • Irrigation may be highly required as raining may be diminished, resulting into additional burden on water sources.

  • The change in climate may affect on demography of soil, thus the fertility level and crops being grown in it.

  • Warmer climate attracts bacteriacausing diseases, which may cause spread of diseases, affecting public health.

  • Natural disasters like drought, flood, cyclone, heavy snowfall, storm may continue to rise because of climate change.

  • Property and infrastructure may be damaged because of natural disasters. The overall productivity may be hampered and migration of human will create havoc.

  • Air. Rise in surface temperature because of Global Warming, brings heat waves,shifting of animal and plant habitat, spreading of diseases. The wet places like North Europe and Central Asia will get wetter and dry places will get dryer. Snowpacks are shrinking and melting, and can result in flood, serving as social, economic and natural disruptions.

  • Water. High level of sea water is harmful for both human and marine life.
    1. The coastal communities are endangered with their lives due to the rise in sea level.
    1. The infrastructure at coastal regions may be damaged.
    1. The high level of sea water will interrupt into the ground water, making it unfit for consumption.
    1. Melting of glaciers and sea ice is being accelerated rapidly. It will affect the polar creatures to the verge of extinction.
    1. The acidification of ocean, because of absorption of more Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, will results into harmful affect on coral reefs, their shells and other marine creatures.
    1. The warmer climate, earlier snow melt, frequent flooding may effect the reproduction cycle of aquatic life, thus affecting life cycle.

Control on Greenhouse Gases

The greenhouse gases contribute to the Global Warming and the check over their emissions can only help to control the situation. The below points can help in control over emissions.

  • The energy efficiency technologies should be incorporated in the houses, offices and industries for our comfort. They are able to save money and energy.

  • Using of high efficient mode of transportation, low carbon fuels, pubic transportationinstead of private vehicles can be applied to control emission of greenhouse gas.

  • Renewable source of energy like sun, wind, water and bioenergy can be used instead of non renewable sources like fossil fuel.

  • Deforestation should be controlled and focus on plantation of more trees should be done.

  • The researchers are developing technologies based on solar cells, bacteria and algae, which will be of great help in controlling Global Warming.

As it is seen than warmer climate, not only affects human, but also plants and animals. The whole existence of Earth is endangered in the long run. The Earth needs healing, and we, the human, are responsible for the treatment. Every little step counts and is significant in controlling the effects of Global Warming.

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