Medieval Indian History Objective Questions and Answers GK Quiz

Medieval Indian History Questions Answers Quiz

Medieval Indian History Objective Questions and Answers GK Quiz

50+ Top most and Important Medieval Indian History Objective Questions and Answers GK Quiz are provided here. Medieval Indian History Objective Questions and Answers GK Quiz based on Early Medieval, South India, Sultanate Period, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Period, Arrival of Europeans, Vijay Nagar and Other Provincial States and Maratha States Federation etc. These Medieval Indian History Objective Questions and Answers GK Quiz is beneficial for various civil services exams, NDA, CDS, SSC, UPSC, UPPSC, UKSSSC and various other. Some of these quizzes also have been asked in previous year competitive exam. Read all quiz carefully and if you found any doubt or query please mention your comment in below mention comment box.

Medieval Indian History MCQ GK Quiz Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Question: In pre-medieval Indian history, which of the following periods is considered in the context of North India from 750 AD to 1200 AD?

[A] Transition period

[B] Rajput period

[C] The period of Ottoman invasion of India

[D] All of the above

Answer: [B] Rajput period

Question: Who was the ruler of Sindh at the time of Arab invasion in 712 AD?

[A] Dahir

[B] Jayadeva

[C] Dharmapala

[D] Vijay Singh

Answer: [A] Dahir

Question: For the first time in India, the credit of imposing Jizya tax is given to Mohammad bin Qasim, which class did he keep completely free from this tax?

[A] Muslims

[B] Brahmins

[C] Buddhist

[D] Lower caste people

Answer: [C] Buddhist

Question: Who was the ruler of Gujarat when Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked the temple of Somnath in 1025 AD?

[A] Bhimdev-I

[B] Mulraj-I

[C] Devpal

[D] Narendrapal

Answer: [A] Bhimdev-I

Question: Who among the following built the temples at Khajuraho?

[A] Chandel Rajput

[B] Bundela Rajput

[C] Scindia

[D] none of these

Answer: [A] Chandel Rajput

Question: Which of the following is the temple built in 1100 which predominates over other temples of Bhubaneshwar?

[A] Tribhuvaneshwar Lingaraj

[B] Raja Rani Temple

[C] Mukteshwar

[D] none of these

Answer: [A] Tribhuvaneshwar Lingaraj

Question: The name of Rani Padmini is associated with Alauddin Khilji’s conquest of Chittor, what was the name of her husband?

[A] Ranjit Singh

[B] Raja Mansingh

[C] Rana Ratan Singh

[D] none of these

Answer: [C] Rana Ratan Singh

Question: Who built Sompur Mahavihara?

[A] Harsh

[B] Kumaragupta-I

[C] Dharmapala

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Dharmapala

Question: Mohammad Ghori defeated by which of the following Indian ruler?

[A] Bhima-I

[B] Bhima-II

[C] Kumarpal

[D] Govind Chandra

Answer: [B] Bhima-II

Question: Which ruler built the invincible fort of Kalinjar?

[A] Dhangdev

[B] Ashok Verma

[C] Samant Sen

[D] Vijay Sen

Answer: [A] Dhangdev

Question: There was a tripartite struggle between the Palas, the Pratiharas and the Rashtrakutas for ownership over which?

[A] Pataliputra

[B] Kannauj

[C] Delhi

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] Kannauj

Question: The world famous Kailash Nath temple of Ellora built by whom by cutting a hill?

[A] Rashtrakuta

[B] Kadamba

[C] Pandavas

[D] Pallava

Answer: [A] Rashtrakuta

Question: Name of the most famous ruler of Chalukya dynasty is….

[A] Pulakesion-II

[B] Vikramaditya

[C] Jai Singh

[D] Somdev

Answer: [A] Pulakesion-II

Question: Name of the first Indian ruler who established the supremacy of the Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea is—

[A] Rajaraja-I

[B] Rajadhiraja

[C] Rajendra-I

[D] none of these

Answer: [A] Rajaraja-I

Question: Who was the ruler of Bengal at the time of Bengal campaign by Rajendra Chola?

[A] Mahipal-I

[B] Mahipal-II

[C] Devpal

[D] Vikramaditya

Answer: [A] Mahipal-I

Question: Which Rashtrakuta ruler established the Vijay Stambh and Devalaya in Rameshwaram?

[A] Krishna-I

[B] Krishna-II

[C] Krishna-III

[D] none of these

Answer: [C] Krishna-III

Question: The period of which dynasty is considered to be the period of origin of Kannada literature?

[A] Satavahana

[B] Rashtrakuta

[C] Chalukya

[D] none of these

Answer: [B] Rashtrakuta

Question: Famous Nataraja temple of Chidambaram built by which Chola ruler?

[A] Parantaka-I

[B] Rajendra-I

[C] Rajaraja-I

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Parantak-I

Question: Name of the first ruler of Ghazni who assumed the title of ‘Sultan’ from the Caliph and became the first ruler to be called Sultan?

[A] Mahmud Ghaznabi

[B] Mohammad Ghori

[C] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[D] Iltutmish

Answer: [A] Mahmud Ghaznabi

Question: In whose reign there were maximum Mongol invasions?

[A] Alauddin Khilji

[B] Firoz Tughlaq

[C] Qutubuddin Aibak

[D] Akbar

Answer: [A] Alauddin Khilji

Question: Mohammad Ghori left which of the following trusted generals to look after the conquered territories?

[A] Iltutmish

[B] Nasruddin

[C] Qutubuddin Aibak

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Qutubuddin Aibak

Question: Who was the first Sultan of Delhi who tried to defeat South India?

[A] Qutubuddin Aibak

[B] Alauddin Khilji

[C] Jalaluddin Shah

[D] Firoz Shah

Answer: [B] Alauddin Khilji

Question: Name of the first Tughlaq Sultan of Delhi is-

[A] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq                                                                       

[B] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[C] Firoz Tughlaq

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

Question: Who founded the Hindu royal dynasty of Punjab?

[A] Vasumitra

[B] Kallar

[C] Jaipal

[D] Mahipal

Answer: [B] Kallar

Question: Name of the city which became the center of Persian culture as a result of the invasion of Mahmud of Ghaznavi is

[A] Lahore

[B] Delhi

[C] Daulatabad

[D] Ajmer

Answer: [A] Lahore

Question: Which dynasty’s kingdom was established in India after the invasion of Timur?

[A] Lodi dynasty

[B] Sayyid dynasty

[C] Tughlaq dynasty

[D] Khilji dynasty

Answer: [B] Sayyid dynasty

Question: Which of the following was the second Ottoman invasion of India?

[A] Mahmud Ghaznavi

[B] Genghis Khan

[C] Mohammad Ghori

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Mohammad Ghori

Question: Who among the following sultans of Delhi accepted the arrival of Timurid ruler Mirza Shahrukh in the dominion?

[A] Khizr Khan Syed

[B] Firoz Tughlaq

[C] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Khizr Khan Sayyed

Question: Who was the first ruler of Delhi Sultanate who kept a standing army?

[A] Alauddin Khilji

[B] Iltutmish

[C] Genghis Khan

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Alauddin Khilji

Question: During whose reign did the Mongols invade India under Genghis Khan?

[A] Balban

[B] Iltutmish

[C] Firoz Tughlaq

[D] Qutubuddin Aibak

Answer: [B] Iltutmish

Question: Which historical monument in Delhi is an example of Indian and Persian architectural styles?

[A] Humayun’s Tomb

[B] Qutub Minar

[C] Lodi’s Tomb

[D] India Gate

Answer: [A] Humayun’s Tomb

Question: Timur Lang invade India during whose reign?

[A] Nasruddin Mohammad Tughlaq

[B] Alauddin Khilji

[C] Firoz Tughlaq

[D] Sikandar Lodi

Answer: [A] Nasruddin Mohammad Tughlaq

Question: Name of that emperor who  issued silver coins with Sanskrit inscription on one side?

[A] Mahmud Ghaznavi

[B] Akbar

[C] Sher Shah

[D] Firoz Tughlaq

Answer: [A] Mahmud Ghaznavi

Question: Who among the following army chiefs of Alauddin Khilji became the first sultan of the Tughlaq dynasty?

[A] Shoaib Khan

[B] Ghazi Malik

[C] Zafar Khan

[D] Amir Khusro

Answer: [B] Ghazi Malik

Question: Which Muslim ruler has the figure of Goddess Lakshmi on the coins?

[A] Mohammad Ghori

[B] Akbar

[C] Babur

[D] Humayun

Answer: [A] Mohammad Ghori

Question: Which Sultan established a new ministry Diwan-i-Riyasat?

[A] Alauddin Khilji

[B] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

[C] Jahangir

[D] Iltutmish

Answer: [A] Alauddin Khilji

Question: Which Sultan of Delhi imposed Jizya tax on Brahmins also?

[A] Firoz Tughlaq

[B] Alauddin Khilji

[C] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[D] All of these

Answer: [A] Firoz Tughlaq

Question: Which Sultan gave royal patronage to Jain scholars like Rajashekhar and Jinprabha?

[A] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[B] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

[C] Firoz Tughlaq

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

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