Olympics Games Quiz Questions and Answers| Olympics Games GK

Olympic Games Quiz Questions and Answers

Olympics Games Quiz Questions and Answers| Olympics Games GK
Olympics Games Quiz Questions

Olympics Games Quiz Questions and Answers| Olympics Games GK: In this GK Quiz Post we have updated most important quiz related to Olympics Games. These Quizzes are very beneficial to improve GK Quiz on sports. Olympics Games Quiz Questions and Answers| Olympics Games GK are here:

Olympics Games GK Quiz Questions Answers

Question: Which of the 5 different colored rings inscribed on the Olympic flag represents the continent of Africa?

[A]  Blue

[B]  Black

[C]  Yellow

[D]  Red

Answer: [B]  Black

Question: Which continent does the green ring depicted on the Olympic flag represent?

[A]  Europe

[B]  Asia

[C]  Australia

[D]  Africa

Answer: [C]  Australia

Question: When did women’s participation in the Olympic Games first start?

[A]  Paris Olympics (1900 AD)

[B]  London Olympics

[C]  Athens Olympics

[D]  Tokyo Olympics

Answer: [A]  Paris Olympics (1900 AD)

Question: In which year did India participate for the first time in the Olympic Games?

[A]  In 1928, Amsterdam Olympics

[B]  1924, Paris Olympics

[C]  1912, Stockholm Olympics

[D]  None of the above

Answer: [A]  In 1928, Amsterdam Olympics

Question: Who is the first Indian woman to reach the final of an Olympic event?

[A]  PT Usha

[B]  Kamaljit Sandhu

[C]  Mary D’Souza

[D]  Hima Das

Answer: [A]  PT Usha

Question: Who is credited with starting the modern Olympic Games?

[A]  Pierre de Coubertin

[B]  Gar field

[C]  Yuvan Antonym

[D]  None of the above

Answer: [A]  Pierre de Coubertin

Question: When and where was the Olympic flag first flown?

[A]  1920, Antwerp (Belgium)

[B]  1908, London (England)

[C]  1896, Athens (Greece)

[D]  None of the above

Answer: [A]  1920, Antwerp (Belgium)

Question: The first modern Olympic Games were held in which of the following cities?

[A]  Athens

[B]  Paris

[C]  London

[D]  Asia

Answer: [A]  Athens

Question: Which continent has not hosted the Olympic Games even once?

[A]  Asia

[B]  Europe

[C]  Africa

[D]  South America

Answer: [C]  Africa

Question: When was the first modern Olympic Games held?

[A]  1896 AD

[B]  1800 AD

[C]  1890 AD

[D]  1885 AD

Answer: [A]  1896 AD

Question: What is the motto of Olympic Games in Latin language?

[A]  Citius, Altius, Fortius, Communis

[B]  Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together

[C]  Ever Onward

[D]  Far Ever Higher

Answer: [A]  Citius, Altius, Fortius, Communis

Question: The word “Olympic” comes from the word “Olympus”, it is related to-

[A]  mountain

[B]  Island

[C]  River

[D]  Ocean

Answer: [A]  Mountains

Question: In which year India won the first gold medal of hockey in Olympic Games?

[A]  1928 AD

[B]  1896 AD

[C]  1880 AD

[D]  1924 AD

Answer: [A]  1928 AD

Question: Which of the following sports is not included in the Olympic Games?

[A]  Cricket

[B]  Hockey

[C]  Swimming

[D]  Volleyball

Answer: [A]  Cricket

Question: How many years difference is there between two Summer Olympic Games?

[A]  2 years

[B]  4 years

[C]  3 years

[D]  5 years

Answer: [B]  4 years

Question: In which city will the 2028 Summer Olympic Games be held?

[A]  Tokyo

[B]  Paris

[C]  Los Angeles

[D]  Athens

Answer: [C]  Los Angeles

Question: Where will the Olympic Games be held in 2024?

[A]  Beijing

[B]  London

[C]  Paris

[D]  Tokyo

Answer: [C]  Paris

Question: What do the five rings on the Olympic flag symbolize?

[A]  Five continents

[B]  Five oceans

[C]  5 nations

[D]  Five games

Answer: [A]  Five continents

Question: Which of the following colors is not present in the Olympic ring?

[A]  Green

[B]  Blue

[C]  Red

[D]  Pink

Answer: [D]  Pink

Question: In which year did independent India win its first Olympic gold medal in the game of Hockey?

[A]  1948

[B]  1952

[C]  1956

[D]  1960

Answer: [A]  1948

Question: How many circles are there in the Olympic symbol?

[A]  5

[B]  7

[C]  4

[D]  6

Answer: [A]  5

Question: Where will the Winter Olympic Games be held in 2022?

[A]  Beijing (China)

[B]  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

[C]  Tokyo (Japan)

[D]  Glasgow (England)

Answer: [A]  Beijing (China)

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