Save Girl Child Essay in English For Students

Save Girl Child Essay in English For Students Long and Short Essay

Save Girl Child Essay in English For Students : Save Girl Child is an important topic that can be asked in School Examination as well as in any competitive exams. Here we have published long and short essay on Save Girl Child. All visitors are advice to read full article sincerely. For any suggestion or feedback, visitor can leave there valuable comment in comment section at the last of the post. INTRODUCTION: IMPORTANCE & PROBLEMS: INITIATIVES BY GOVERNMENT: CONCLUSION:

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Save Girl Child Essay in English For Students


Save Girl Child

“Until the condition of the woman improves, there is no chance for the welfare of the world. It is not possible to fly a bird on only one wing. There is no hope for the family or country where women have no estimate where they live in the gloom. For this reason, they have to be raised first. “Swami Vivekananda once said. The saying is as appropriate in today’s world as was in that time.

Since long, the women are facing several problems and are victims of various taboos. However, the greatest concern is the denial of their right to be born.

The girl child were either denied to take birth, or denied to live further, if born. This is a huge concern as society is incomplete without women and girls as they are counterpart of the other sex of society, Men.

There was a Bollywood movie, “Hulchul”, wherein a family has only brothers and father. The adamant father was against marriage and don’t want any female member in their house. The house has only masculine figure and hence, contains no charm and happiness.

The house is mismanaged and love and concern is missing in their heart. There was yet another bollywood movie of famous actor Salman Khan, “Dulhan hum le jaayenge”, where the actress is the only girl child for three of her uncle, and because of a single girl child, the house becomes home.

There is charm, love and fun in the house. These are, however, reel things, but movies are the mirror of the society and are inspired from the things pertaining in the society.

As Swami Vivekananda said, for the welfare of world, condition of women should be improved. For this, however, they have to be raised first. They have to be provided with the right to born and live.


In the world, where women play a vital role in growth and development, India is one of the countries where girls are struggling for their accurate place.

The mere existence of society is impossible without the equal contribution of men and women. The existence and survival of human race depends on women and they are fighting for their own survival. What a trivia!!

The female foeticide is one of the major concerns where mothers were forced to abort their child in womb, generally if she is a girl. The medical science allows anyone to know whether there is a boy or girl inside a womb and thus checking of the same results leads to further abortion, in case of female foetus. T

his practice of sonography and ultrasound to know the gender of foetus is illegal, to eradicate this practice.

A girl child is obviously a blessing. They are boon for family and society as a whole. They has established themselves as in all the field you can ever think about, be it medical, engineering, science, research, army. But, they have to face gender discrimination till date. They are considered interior to men and are facing unfair treatment. They have been denied with their rights of education and speech.

The age old customs and traditions are forcing them to stay at home and acts as a mere tool for cooking and other household chores. Women face several indiscriminations which include dowry system, female foeticide, denial of higher education, sexual harassment, rape etc. The potential and abilities are surpassed by the traditional taboos.


The government, however, is working on this issue in order to bring women in the main stream of the society. There are various programmes started by Indian government to emphasize growth and development of girl child. Some of them are as follows:

  1. BetiBachaoBetiPadhao
  2. SukanyaSamriddhiYojana
  3. BalikaSamriddhiYojana
  4. Dhanalakshmi Scheme
  5. CBSE Udaan Scheme
  6. Ladli Scheme of Haryana
  7. National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education.

SukanyaSamriddhiYojana is targeted to parents of a girl child, wherein they are allowed to open a bank account and build funds for higher education and expenses of marriage.

BalikaSamriddhiYojana was introduced under Ministry of Women & Child Development to support girl child on their birth and education. The government provides financial support to the family on birth and further education of girl child in order to bring positive attitude of society towards birth and growth of girl child.

Dhanalakshmi Scheme was initiated where parents of girl child were provided with cash transfer and insurance cover for the child. This ensures birth and survival of girl child.

CBSE Udaan Scheme was introduced under guidance of Ministry of Human Resource Development with an objective to empower girl students and bridge the gap between school education and engineering entrance examination.

It emphasizes to make a girl child more careers oriented and helps them to build a career in technical field for growth and development.

Ladli Scheme of Haryana is another financial scheme in the state of Haryana. The parents of a girl child are benefitted with financial incentive.

Nation Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education emphasis on enrolment of girl child in schools after standard 8th, as it is widely seen that drop out ratio at this level is fairly high.

The girl child was provided with financial support in case they enrol themselves in standard 9th and further education.

However, the most successful campaign was BetiBachaoBetiPadhaoYojana. The Indian census has showed a huge drop out in the child sex ratio in the year 2011 and same was witnessed by the World through UNICEF report, where India was ranked 41st among 195 countries having less child sex ratio.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in 2015, started a campaign named BetiBachaoBetiPadhaoto address declining sex ratio in India. This campaign is jointly run by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the Ministry of Women & Child Development and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The scheme was started with the funding of ₹100 crore and targeted the states of Bihar, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The female foeticide is regarded as a major concern and various strategies were considered and implemented to take care of the concern.

The awareness for importance of girl child is the major strategy. The society needs to know and understand the importance of a girl child and a mature woman.

The importance and impact of declining sex ratio was published at public places of advertisement and people were made aware about the issue. The awareness band motivational camps were established wherein the people were informed about importance of birth and survival of a girl child, wherein people were informed about the importance of higher education of a girl child,  and wherein people were informed about the role of a girl child in growth and development of society.


Girls’ are only medium of existence of our race. They are highly competitive and equally talented as boys. They have equal role in development of country and make a society progressive.

A girl child will grow into a mature woman and is responsible for being a mother of a child, and a mother of future of nation can’t be regressive. They must be educated.

The girl child must be allowed to live and live respectfully. They must not be denied for their basic human rights and must be respected, cared and loved. They need to flourish so that the society can flourish and we can see a developed tomorrow.

Save Girl Child Essay in English 250 Word Short Essay

Save Girl Child, Beti Bachao, is an important campaign. There should be no difference between Girls and Boys. Girls are participating and giving there valuable services in so many fields like: Medical, Armed Forces, and Engineering etc. So we have to understand and also educate the other peoples about save girl child. Respect should be given to girls in our family, state and all over the country they are same as boys are.

Baby girls are being killed in the lap of mother before they born that shows our bad mentality about the girls. Girls are not being treated like boys that’s show how rude behaviour of us for the Girls.

Not for the Gender Equality also for the growth of family, state and country we have to save girl child

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is an important campaign launched by the Indian government in the way of Save Girl Child.  

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