Save Trees Save Earth Essay| Essay on Save Trees save Environment

Save Trees Save Earth Essay| Essay on Save Trees Save Environment

Save Trees Save Earth Essay| Essay on Save Trees Save Environment

Save Trees Save Earth Essay| Essay on Save Trees Save Environment: Trees are natural heritage which are important of environment. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and provides oxygen to the living creatures, and thus, contributes to the life giving mechanism of the nature. We, human beings, are dependent on flaura for food, fuel, medicine, paper, shelter, clean air, and many more.

Things We Get From Tress

Trees provide us with the material to build infrastructure and helps animals to to build their home too. They provide fruits and vegetables to eat, fuel for light and heat, paper to write, and medicine to cure diseases.

Save Tress save Earth| Save Environment

They help in preventing soil, water and air pollution, which are one of the crisis of today’s world. They have ample responsibility in climate and seasonal change. Despite of the fact, that trees are considered as green gold, and have so much importance, we are not only exploiting it beyond its utmost use, but are neglecting and destroying it.

 Deforestation has become an ongoing process for clear land for building infrastructure, agriculture or fuel. Aa per the statistics of 2015-2020, the rate of deforestation was estimated at 10 million hectare per year in the world. This is an alarming situation as decrease in the number of trees and greenery across world will lead to the expansion of problems, disaster and hazards.

Trees help in controlling of air, water and soil pollution. In the absence of trees, soil can’t hold the upper layer of nutritional soil and will be washed away, polluting both soil and water bodies. Air pollution is leading the world towards acid rain, depletion of ozone layer and problems like global warming.

Several animals, birds and insects are dependent on trees for their livelihood and shelter, and deforestation will have its adverse impact on both terrestrial and aquatic life forms. Deforestation, thus, have long and dark effect on the ecosystem.

Save the Earth Plant a Tree

It’s our duty to stop it for the survival of mother Earth. Plantation of more and more trees must be carried on along with the wiser use of plants products so as to control the cutting up of trees and save our environment. We should plant as many trees as possible.

The ideology of terrace garden, backyards and parks must be focused on. Recycling of products should be facilitated so that more use of same products can be done. The sustainable use of wood must be followed and companies supporting sustainable development must be promoted.

The excessive use of fuel and wood must be critized and spreading awareness among people can be considered as one of the main weapons to let them know about the importance of trees and disadvantages of deforestation.

The ways to control deforestation should also be circulated in order to let the people aware about the consequences and methodology. The alternative ways must be followed too, in order to control the environment degradation and related crisis and save lives and ecosystem.

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