SSC CGL GK Questions Answers Quiz General Awareness

SSC CGL GK General Awareness Questions Answers Quiz

SSC CGL GK Questions Answers Quiz General Awareness : Dear Aspirants here we have assembled highly beneficial SSC CGL GK Questions Answers Quiz for your exam preparation. This SSC CGL GK Questions Answers Quiz General Awareness are very much important which are based on SSC CGL syllabus also.  Take a look of the SSC CGL Quiz and if there is any query or feedback or suggestion you can leave your comments on comment section.  

SSC CGL GK General Awareness Quiz Question

Question: Which article of the Indian Constitution guarantees rights to arrested person?

[A] Article 22

[B] Article 35

[C] Article 20

[D] Article 302

Answer: [A] Article 22

Question: Prithvi-I missile was inducted into the ………… in 1994

[A] Indian Navy

[B] Indian Air Force

[C] Indian Army

[D] All of these

Answer: [C] Indian Army

Question: Todar Mal was associated with……… Akbar’s Durbar

[A] Music

[B] Finance

[C] Literature

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] Finance

Question: Jayakwadi Dam is situated on which of the following river?

[A] Ravi River

[B] Godavari river

[C] Banas River

[D] Periyar River

Answer: [B] Godavari river

Question: Tattvabodhini Sabha was founded by …………. In 1839

[A] Swami Vivekananda

[B] Keshav Chandra Sen

[C] Dabendranath Tagore

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Dabendranath Tagore

Question: Which of the following festivals means ‘My making of the Gods’?

[A] Diwali

[B] Pongal

[C] Lai Haroba

[D] Makar Sankranti

Answer: [C] Lai Haroba

Question: In which of the following state Jayakwadi Dam is located?

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Punjab

[C] Rajasthan

[D] Kerala

Answer: [A] Maharashtra

Question: Which of the following is chief source of Naphthalene?

[A] Moth Balls

[B] Moth flakes

[C] Tar Camphor

[D] Coal tar

Answer: [D] Coal Tar

Question: Which is the traditional harvest festival celebrated in Assam?

[A] Tusu Parab

[B] Pongal

[C] Bohag Bihu

[D] Makar Sankranti

Answer: [C] Bohag Bihu

Question: In whose memory the Madhavpur fair of Gujarat is celebrated?

[A] Lord Krishna and Draupadi

[B] Lord Shiva and Parvati

[C] Lord Krishna and Radha

[D] Lord Krishna and Rukmani

Answer: [D] Lord Krishna and Rukmani

Question: Which of the following is an east flowing river?

[A] Mahanadi

[B] Sabarmati

[C] Brahmini

[D] Sharavati

Answer: [A] Mahanadi

Question: When total utility becomes maximum, then marginal utility will be

[A] Maximum

[B] Minimum

[C] Either maximum or minimum

[D] Zero

Answer:  [D] Zero

Question: In which of the following state Madhavpur Mela is held?

[A] Madhya Pradesh

[B] Maharashtra

[C] Uttar Pradesh

[D] Gujarat

Answer: [D] Gujarat

Question: Which of the following rivers forms the Dhuandhar Falls near Jabalpur?

[A] Tapi River

[B] Tungabhadra

[C] Narmada

[D] Luni River

Answer: [C] Narmada

Question: In which of the following temples Ambubachi Mela is celebrated every year?

[A] Kamakhya Temple

[B] Kashi Vishwanath Temple

[C] Kedarnath Temple

[D] Jagannath Temple

Answer: [A] Kamakhya Temple

Question: What is the name of the tidal mouth of a river, where fresh and salt water meets?

[A] Narrow valley

[B] Deep group

[C] Estuary

[D] Fold

Answer: [C] Estuary

Question: In which state is the festival of Uttarayan specially celebrated?

[A] Jharkhand

[B] Kerala

[C] Gujarat

[D] Uttar Pradesh

Answer: [C] Gujarat

Question: Paithan Hydro Electric Project is situated on which of the following river?

[A] Godavari

[B] Narmada

[C] Brahmaputra

[D] Yamuna

Answer: [A] Godavari

Question: Pongal festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu for 4 days. What is the fourth day of Pongal festival called?

[A] Thai Pongal

[B] Mattu Pongal

[C] Kanum Pongal

[D] Bhogi Pongal

Answer: [C] Kanum Pongal

Question: Which of the following river was known as Purushani in the Vedic period?

[A] Chenab river

[B] Ganga

[C] Ravi River

[D] Sutlej River

Answer: [C] Ravi River

Question: Hemis Tscchu festival is celebrated as the birth anniversary of which of these?

[A] Dalai Lama

[B] Gautam Buddha

[C] Adi Shankaracharya

[D] Gurupadmasambhava

Answer: [D] Guru Padmasambhava

Question: Which is the largest river basin of India spread over 10% area of ​​the country?

[A] Godavari

[B] Krishna

[C] Mahanadi

[D] Narmada

Answer: [A] Godavari

Question: ‘Ali-i-Ligang’, the festival of spring, is related to which state?

[A] Sikkim

[B] Assam

[C] Odisha

[D] Bihar

Answer: [B] Assam

Question: Which river originates from Tibet and enters India through Arunachal Pradesh?

[A] Chambal River

[B] Brahmaputra River

[C] Godavari River

[D] Kaveri River

Answer: [B] Brahmaputra River

Question: Which river is also known as ‘Dihang’ in India?

[A] River Ganges

[B] Indus river

[C] Brahmaputra

[D] Tapti

Answer: [C] Brahmaputra

Question: In which of the following states, Me-Dam-Me-Phi, a festival related to ancestor worship is celebrated?

[A] Odisha

[B] Madhya Pradesh

[C] Assam

[D] Chhattisgarh

Answer: [C] Assam

Question: Through which pass does the Sutlej river enter India?

[A] Lipulekh Pass

[B] Nathula Pass

[C] Shipkila Pass

[D] Joji La Pass

Answer: [C] Shipkila Pass

Question: ‘Saga Dawa’ is one of the famous Buddhist festivals. In which of the following states is it celebrated here?

[A] Sikkim

[B] Jharkhand

[C] Odisha

[D] Kerala

Answer: [A] Sikkim

Question: Which is the origin of Krishna river?

[A] Multai

[B] Amarkantak

[C] lock

[D] Mahabaleshwar

Answer: [D] Mahabaleshwar

Question: Which of the following river is the fifth largest river and also the largest west flowing river?

[A] Arvari River

[B] Godavari river

[C] Swarnrekha river

[D] Narmada river

Answer: [D] Narmada river

Question: ‘Rangoli Bihu’ is one of the major festivals of Assam; it is celebrated in which month?

[A] March

[B] April

[C] October

[D] June

Answer: [B] April

Question: The Kartarpur Sahib Corridor connects the Dera Baba Nanak shrine in Gurdaspur, India, with the Kartarpur Gurdwara in Pakistan, which is situated on the banks of the ………… river.

[A] Sutlej

[B] Ravi

[C] Chenab river

[D] Jhelum River

Answer: [B] Ravi

Question: On which of the following day is the festival of Easter celebrated?

[A] Thursday

[B] Sunday

[C] Friday

[D] Saturday

Answer: [B] Sunday

Question: Gandhi Sagar Dam is located in which of the following state?

[A] Madhya Pradesh

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Maharashtra

[D] West Bengal

Answer: [A] Madhya Pradesh

Question:…………. is called the festival of light?

[A] Christmas

[B] Diwali

[C] Makar Sankranti

[D] Gudi padwa

Answer: [B] Diwali

Question: ‘Kaleshwaram’ is an irrigation project started by which of the following state government?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Kerala

[C] Telangana

[D] Odisha

Answer: [C] Telangana

Question: In which Indian state the social festival ‘Chapar Mela’ is organized?

[A] Bihar

[B] Orissa

[C] Gujarat

[D] Punjab

Answer: [D] Punjab

Question: Rajghat dam is situated on which of the following river?

[A] Betwa River

[B] Narmada

[C] Sutlej River

[D] Chambal River

Answer: [A] Betwa River

Question: The social festival ‘Nuakhai’ is related to which state of India?

[A] Odisha

[B] Assam

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Karnataka

Answer: [A] Odisha

Question: ‘Malammuzha Dam’ is situated at which of these places?

[A] Papanasam

[B] Palakkad

[C] Chandigarh

[D] Pune

Answer: [B] Palakkad

Question: Which of the following festivals marks the beginning of the Tibetan New Year?

[A] Satin festival

[B] Pol Khol

[C] Saga Dawa festival

[D] Losar festival

Answer: [D] Losar festival

Question: Which of the following festivals is celebrated by the Ahom people of Assam every year on 31st January in the memory of the people who passed away?

[A] Tirthmukh

[B] Ashokastami

[C] Lampra Puja

[D] Me-Dam-Me-Phi

Answer: [D] Me-Dam-Me-Phi

Question: In which of the following state is the ‘Tipaimukh’ dam located?

[A] Tripura

[B] Manipur

[C] Mizoram

[D] Nagaland

Answer: [B] Manipur

Question: Which country organizes the world’s largest ice festival every year?

[A] China

[B] Russia

[C] Finland

[D] Switzerland

Answer: [A] China

Question: Which of the following dam is built on the Krishna river?

[A] Narmada Sagar

[B] Bhakra Nagal

[C] Hirakud Dam

[D] Nagarjuna Sagar

Answer: [D] Nagarjuna Sagar

Question: The tribal festival ‘Bhagta Parab’ which is celebrated between the spring and summer period,

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Madhya Pradesh

[C] Mizoram

[D] Jharkhand

Answer: [D] Jharkhand

Question: Revealed Preference theory was pronounced by whom?

[A] Robbins

[B] Smith

[C] Schumpter

[D] Samuelson

Answer: [D] Samuelson

Question: One Carat of diamond is equal to ..

[A] 200m

[B] 100m

[C] 150m

[D] 250m

Answer: [A] 200m

Question: Study of crop production is called.

[A] Entology

[B] Ecology

[C] Botany

[D] Agronomy

Answer: [D] Agronomy

Question: Mahatma Gandhi left South Africa to return to India in.

[A] 1915

[B] 1942

[C] 1920

[D] 1917

Answer: [A] 1915

Question: Animals active at night are called

[A] Diurnal

[B] Nocturnal

[C] Parasites

[D] Nacto-Diurnal

Answer: [B] Nocturnal

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