English Quiz for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam Important Question

SSC CGL English Important Question Answers

English Quiz for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

English Quiz for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Important Question:English Quiz for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Important Question Get number of SSC English Quiz, SSC English Important Questions, SSC CGL English Questions, SSC CGL English Practice Set, SSC English question paper with answers

Question: There are four words given below out of which only one word is spelt correctly. Choose the correctly spelt word

[A] Conniosseur

[B] Connoisseur

[C] Connossieur

[D] Connosseiur

Answer: [B] Connoisseur

Question: chose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word






Answer: [D] AGITATE






Answer: [A] STRONG

Choose one option which best express the meaning of the given word













SSC CGL English Question Paper with Answers

Choose the one option which can be substituted for the given words/sentence

Question: An exact copy

[A] Facsimile

[B] Twin

[C] Mirror

[D] Clone

Answer: [A] Facsimile

Question: To give money to agents for sales

[A] Salary

[B] Commission

[C] Fee

[D] Incentive

Answer: [B] Commission

Question: A person who is working in the same institution

[A] Guide

[B] Collector

[C] Captain

[D] Colleague

Answer:  [D] Colleague

Chose the one option which best express the meaning of the Idiom/Phrases

Question:  Catnap

[A] Rest

[B] Fitful Sleep

[C] Long Sleep

[D] Short Sleep

Answer: [D] Short Sleep

Question:   Held up

[A] Kidnapped

[B] Delayed

[C] Caught

[D] Nabbed

Answer: [B] Delayed

Question: To pull a long face

[A] Looked Happily

[B] Looked surprised

[C] looked sad

[D] Looked Calm

Answer: [C] looked sad

Question: To play fast and loose

[A] To be narrow

[B] To play a good game

[C] To act in an unreliable way

[D] To defeat a person

Answer: [C] To act in an unreliable way

SSC CGL Tier- I English Practice Set for Exam

Question: Fit her like a glove

[A] Too Large

[B] Too Shabby

[C] Too Tight

[D] Perfectly

Answer:  [D] Perfectly

Question:  Feather one’s own nests

[A] Decorate

[B] Work hard at home

[C] Build a home

[D] Make money in an improper way

Answer: [D] Make money in an improper way

Fill in the Blanks

Question: The president will finally have a national memorial _______ his honor

[A] At

[B] Upon

[C] In

[D] On

Answer: [C] In

Question: Heath is too important to be__________

[A] Discarded

[B] Disposed

[C] Neglected

[D] Detested

Answer: [C] Neglected

Question: Cultural________ is very important in international business

[A] Sensibility

[B] Sensitivity

[C] Smartness

[D] Susceptibility

Answer: [B] Sensitivity

Question: I am _______ this crime

[A] Ignorant on

[B] Innocent of

[C] Indebted to

[D] Ignoring

Answer: [B] Innocent of

Question: We should first collect the funds and then_______action

[A] Plunge into

[B] Plunge Onto

[C] Plunge At

[D] Plunge in

Answer: [A] Plunge into

Question: I was _______ paying the toll tax

[A] Free From

[B] Exonerated from

[C] Exempted from

[D] Exposed to

Answer: [C] Exempted from

Choose the correct options of underlined part that will improve the sentence

Question: After a hard days work, I just want to go home

[A] Hard day’s work

[B] Hard days’ work

[C] Hard day work

[D] No improvement

Answer: [A] Hard day’s work

Question: The plane landed and shot towards the airport

[A] Taxied

[B] Drove

[C] Wheeled

[D] No Improvement

Answer: [A] Taxied

Question: The police had to break the door to get in 

[A] To break up

[B] To break in 

[C] To break down

[D] No improvement

Answer: [D] No improvement

Question: The trade union is hell bent at getting its demands fulfilled

[A] Hell Bent in

[B] Hell bent about

[C] Hell bent on

[D] No improvement

Answer:  [C] Hell bent on

Question: Both of us had a different opinion about it

[A] Both of us has

[B] Each of us had

[C] Each of us have

[D] No improvement

Answer: [B] Each of us had

Question: Elephant live in groups in the jungle

[A] Crowds

[B] Herds

[C] Hoards

[D] No improvement

Answer: [B] Herds

Question: Taking the test the teacher gave me a passing grade

[A] After I took the test

[B] After taking the test

[C] As I took the test

[D] No improvement

Answer: [A] After I took the test

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