Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers MCQ GK

Ancient India History GK Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers MCQ GK: Most Important Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions and Answers MCQ GK general knowledge quiz are updated here.

Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions

Question: Name of the scripts of ancient India which was written from right to left?

[A] Kharoshthi script

[B] Brahmi script

[C] Sharda script

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Kharoshthi script

Question: Who first used the word ‘India’ for Bharatvarsh?

[A] Herodotus

[B] Megasthenes

[C] Kanishka

[D] Samudragupta

Answer: [A] Herodotus

Question: In which period maximum gold coins were issued?

[A] During the Kushan period

[B] Maurya period

[C] Gupta period

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Gupta period

Question: In which inscription is the description of the military achievements of Samudragupta available?

[A] Prayag

[B] Nalanda

[C] Gaya

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Prayag

Question: Who among the following scholars was the first discoverer of Harappan civilization?

[A] Dayaram Sahni

[B] R D Banerjee

[C] John Marshall

[D] James Prinsep

Answer: [A] Dayaram Sahni

Question: Which Veda gives information about the culture of ancient Vedic age?

[A] Yajurveda

[B] Rigveda

[C] Samaveda

[D] Atharvaveda

Answer: [B] Rigveda

Question: Which of the following foreign travelers visited India first?

[A] Megasthenes

[B] Fahien

[C] When Song

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Megasthenes

Question: South African traveler Ibn Battuta came to India during whose reign?

[A] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

[B] Alauddin Khilji

[C] Mohammad Ghori

[D] Mahmud Ghaznavi

Answer: [A] Mohammad bin Tughlaq

Question: Which aspects are highlighted in Kautilya’s Arthashastra?

[A] Economic life

[B] Religious life

[C] Political Policies

[D] Social life

Answer: [C] Political Policies

Question: To which of the following is the title of ‘Father of History’ in the true sense related?

[A] Herodotus

[B] Socrates

[C] Euripides

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Herodotus

Question: In which area of ​​India the first archaeological evidence related to man has been found?

[A] Sohan Valley

[B] Belan Valley

[C] Bolan Valley

[D] Narmada Valley

Answer: [D] Narmada Valley

Question: What was the biggest discovery by man in the Paleolithic Age?

[A] Knitting yarn

[B] Kindling a fire

[C] Metal Tools

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] kindling a fire

Question: What is the period between the Palaeolithic and the Neolithic period called?

[A] Megalithic car

[B] Chalcolithic period

[C] Mesolithic period

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Mesolithic period

Question: Which of the following sites is famous for prehistoric painting?

[A] Bhimbetka

[B] Amravati

[C] Ajanta

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Bhimbetka

Question: The Indus Valley Civilization was not a contemporary of which of the following civilizations?

[A] Egyptian civilization

[B] Mesopotamian civilization

[C] Greek civilization

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Greek civilization

Question: Name of the materials which was mainly used in the manufacture of Harappan seals?

[A] Sailkhadi

[B] Bronze

[C] Copper

[D] Iron

Answer: [A] Selkhadi

Question: The Harappans were the first to produce which item?

[A] Currencies

[B] Cotton

[C] Grains

[D] Bronze tools

Answer: [B] Cotton

Question: …………….. was commonly used on Harappan pottery

[A] Yellow

[B] Black

[C] red

[D] Green

Answer: [C] Red

Question: In which of the following era does the Indus civilization fall?

[A] Historical period

[B] Post prehistoric period

[C] Prehistoric times

[D] Proto-historic period

Answer: [D] Proto-historic period

Question: Who among the following was in charge of the archaeological excavations of Harappa and Mohenjodaro?

[A] Lord Macaulay

[B] Sir John Marshall

[C] Lord Clive

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] Sir John Marshall

Question: Which ruler established a city named Pataliputra at the confluence of the Ganges and Son rivers?

[A] Ajatashatru

[B] Ashok

[C] Chandragupta

[D] Udayin

Answer: [D] Udayin

Question: The armies of Alexander and Porus had camped on the banks of which of the following rivers?

[A] Ravi River

[B] Jhelum river

[C] Sutlej River

[D] Chenab river

Answer: [B] Jhelum river

Question: By whom was the first foreign invasion of ancient India done?

[A] Iranians

[B] By the Greeks

[C] Shaka

[D] None of these

Answer: [A] Iranians

Question: Which of the following kings of Magadha was contemporary of Sikandar?

[A] Mahapadmananda

[B] Ghanananda

[C] Chandragupta Maurya

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] Ghananand

Question: Vikramshila University established by which ruler  for Buddhists?

[A] Mahipal

[B] Devpal

[C] Dharmapala

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Dharmapala

Question: During the reign of which ruler did Buddhism reach Nepal?

[A] Samudragupta

[B] Ashok

[C] Chandragupta

[D] Harshavardhana

Answer: [B] Ashok

Question: In which of the following cities was the first Buddhist Sangeet/Sabha organized?

[A] Nalanda

[B] Rajgriha

[C] Bodh Gaya

[D] None of these

Answer: [B] Rajgriha

Question: Who presided over the first Buddhist council after the death of Budha?

[A] Ajatashatru

[B] Dharam Sen

[C] Mahakashap

[D] None of these

Answer: [C] Mahakashap

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