Class 4 MCQ GK Quiz Questions and Answers with Current Affairs

GK Quiz Questions with Answers for Class 4 Current Affairs

Class 4 MCQ GK Quiz Questions and Answers with Current Affairs

Class 4 MCQ GK Quiz Questions and Answers with Current Affairs: Here we have mentioned very important and useful GK Quiz for class 4 students. Number of General Knowledge Questions with Answers with top most important Class 4 MCQ GK Quiz Questions and Answers with Current Affairs are follows:

Question: Which Disney character is named after a legendary Australian cricketer?

(A) Goofy

(B) Flynn Rider

(C) Donald Duck

Answer: (C) Donald Duck

Question: What is the founding name of Disney?

(A) Walt Disney Company

(B) Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

(C) Disney Cartoons

Answer: (B) Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

Question: Who is the co-founder of Whatsapp?

(A) William Austin Burt

(B) Brain Acton

(C) James Russell

Answer: (B) Brain Acton

Question: Name of the tennis player who achieved a calendar year grand slam twice in his career?

(A) Roger Federer

(B) Rod Laver

(C) Pete Sampras

Answer: (B) Rod Laver

Question: Which of the following tribe has the shortest people in Africa?

(A) Maasai

(B) Pygmy

(C) Zulu

Answer: (B) Pygmy

Question: Which instrument was used in battle to signal the opposition army’s defeat?

(A) Kettledrum

(B) Accordion

(C) Saxophone

Answer: (A) Kettledrum

Question: Who among the following is renowned santoor player?

(A) Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

(B) Hariprasad Chaurasia

(C) Pandit Ravi Shankar

Answer: (A) Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

Question: Who came up with the theory of evolution?

(A) Pablo Picasso

(B) Alexander the Great

(C) Charles Darwin

Answer: (C) Charles Darwin

Question: Name of the author of the three Musketeers?

(A) Jane Austen

(B) Alexander Dumas

(C) Charles Dickens

Answer: (B) Alexander Dumas

Question: Who wrote Treasure Island?

(A) T. S. Eliot

(B) Robert Louis Stevenson

(C) J. K. Rowling

Answer: (B) Robert Louis Stevenson

Question: Which of the following is an endangered animal?

(A) Giant Otter

(B) Kangaroo

(C) Hyena

Answer: (A) Giant Otter

Question: Which animal is found in the South Pole but not in North Pole?

(A) Penguin

(B) Lion

(C) Whale  

Answer: (A) Penguin

Question: In which ocean is the North Pole located?

(A) Arctic Ocean

(B) Indian Ocean

(C) Pacific Ocean

Answer: (A) Arctic Ocean

Question: What kind of skin does the polar animal have?

(A) Colourful

(B) Rough

(C) Furry

Answer: (C) Furry

Question: The………….. Are known as food factories of Plant?

(A) Green Leaves

(B) Roots

(C) Steams

Answer: (A) Green Leaves

Question: Solar Energy comes from which of the following:

(A) The Sun

(B) The Moon

(C) Oil

Answer: (A) The Sun

Question: Which of the following is a running bird?

(A) Sparrow

(B) Pigeon

(C) Ostrich

Answer: (C) Ostrich

Question: Name of the bird that can never fly is

(A) Duck

(B) Crow

(C) Kiwi

Answer: (C) Kiwi

Question: Which of the following birds sews leaves to build its nest?

(A) Humming Bird

(B) Tailor Bird

(C) Wading Bird

Answer: (B) Tailor Bird

Question: Which invention has been the most useful to scientist who study diseases?

(A) Binoculars

(B) Microscopes

(C) Telescopes

Answer: (B) Microscopes

Question: In which layer of the earth do most of the grasses grow?

(A) Solid rock

(B) Subsoil

(C) Topsoil

Answer: (C) Topsoil

Question: To move an object, we have to apply force greater than the force of_________

(A) Friction

(B) Motion

(C) Pull

Answer: (A) Friction

Question: ……….. is a luminous object

(A) Bulb

(B) Pencil

(C) Book

Answer: (A) Bulb

Question: When an object blocks the path of light, a………….. is formed

(A) Sound

(B) Shadow

(C) Cloud

Answer: (B) Shadow

Question: Our heart is made up of only ……..

(A) Muscles

(B) Bones

(C) Vessels

Answer: (A) Muscles

Question: The heart, the blood and blood vessels form the……….system

(A) Circulatory

(B) Breathing

(C) Nervous

Answer: (A) Circulatory

Question: The brain, spinal cord and nerves form the……….system

(A) Nervous System

(B) Breathing

(C) Circulatory

Answer: (A) Nervous System

Question:  What is the process of growing of a new plant from a seed called?

(A) Generation

(B) Germination


Answer: (B) Germination

Question: Which of the following fibers is obtained from plants?

(A) Wool

(B) Cotton

(C) Wool & Cotton

Answer: (B) Cotton

Question: Which of the following is a non – living thing?

(A) Rose Plant

(B) Rock

(C) Rabbit

Answer: (B) Rock

Question: ………… can make its own food?

(A) Leopard

(B) Plant

(C) Tiger

Answer: (B) Plant

Solar System GK Quiz for Class 4

Question: Name of the largest planet in the solar system

(A) Jupiter

(B) Earth

(C) Saturn

Answer: (A) Jupiter

Question: Name of the red planet in the solar system

(A) Mars

(B) Mercury

(C) Uranus

Answer: (A) Mars

Question: Name of the closet planet to the sun in solar system

(A) Venus

(B) Saturn

(C) Mercury

Answer: (C) Mercury

Question: ……. is the brightest planet in solar system

(A) Venus

(B) Earth

(C) Neptune

Answer: (A) Venus

Question: Name of the natural satellite of the earth

(A) Moon

(B) The Sun

(C) None of these

Answer: (A) Moon

Question: All the planets moves around the sun in a fixed path called……

(A) Axis

(B) Orbit

(C) None of these

Answer: (B) Orbit

Question: Name of the hottest planet in the solar system

(A) Venus

(B) Mercury

(C) Uranus

Answer: (A) Venus

Question: Name of the coldest planet in the solar system

(A) Jupiter

(B) Mars

(C) Neptune

Answer: (C) Neptune

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