Essay on Domestic Violence, Causes, Effects, Prevention

Essay on Domestic Violence, Causes, Effects, Prevention

Essay on Domestic Violence

Essay on Domestic Violence, Causes, Effects, Prevention: Domestic violence, commonly known as family violence is a term used to define acts of physical, psychological, sexual or economic violence committed by an intimate partner including spouse or family member. It can range from subtle forms to marital rape and includes physical abuse like beating, choking, acid throwing and murders. Women tends to experience more violence and thus, are victims of domestic violence more than men. Women are regarded as weaker sections of society and hence are experiencing abusive relationships.

Essay on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was considered to be a valid excuse for men to exercise authority over women prior to 1800 andthe perception tends to change slightly from 19 century. However, prominent legal protection against domestic violence was provided since late 20th century and in recent decades, attention is being given to the abuse and cases of domestic violence.Essay on Domestic Violence, Causes, Effects, Prevention

Essay on Domestic Violence:Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is based on the belief that violence and abusing other party is acceptable and itis the right to commitsuch act because of superiority. The other causes include excessive dependency, lack of coping skill, mental health, unemployment and substance abuse.

  • Substance abuse. it is seen that high alcohol consumption results in abuse and violence and anurge to show authority resulting in domestic violence.

  • Psychological. The abuser may have psychological issues like anger problem, impulsive nature or may suffer violence as a child which results in his violent nature and exhibits domestic violence.

  • Excessive dependency on abuser. When victim is dependent on abuser financially, emotionally and mentally, it becomes quite impossible for former to suppress latter which helps in continuation of domestic violence.

  • Social stress. Social stress like poverty and low standard of living increase tensions and conflicts in family which may lead to domestic violence, in order to prove authority and manhood.

  • Unemployment. Unemployment leads to financial instability and conflicts at home. In order to prove authority, no methods other than physical abuse is taken by abuser and results in violence to satisfy the urge to control.

  • Lack of coping skills and isolation. The women who are dependent on men for their livelihood are weaker in terms of physical and social skills. Thus, they don’t want to retreat but to endure the abuse.

  • Physical difference. The women who are considered as physically weaker than men and men thinks abusing women and controlling them with physical strength as their right, which increases the cases of domestic violence.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be different in terms of purpose, severity, outcome and frequency. It can take different forms too, like physical assault, emotional threat and sexual harassment.

  • Physical. Physical abuse is violence or assault involving contact, the main purpose of which is to inflict pain, fear, injury or bodily harm. It is basically done to exercise control over victim. Physical abuse includes threat, isolation, intimidation, restriction on personal freedom, medication and sleep and even force drug or alcohol intake. Strangulation, i.e., reduction of air and/or blood flow to brain because of compression of blood vessels in neck; acid attack damaging the body part, honour killing and dowry killing are major forms of physical pain and abuse.

  • Sexual. Sexual abuse is a broader term which involves any sexual act or attempt of sexual act, unwanted sexual comments, virginity inspection, female genital mutilation and pressurizing for sexual act. Sexual contact between an adult and child is also one of the form of sexual abuse. Reproductive coercion, i.e., creating pressure into becoming pregnant, or ending a pregnancy and marital rape are prevailing in some of the countries too.

  • Emotional. Emotional abuse involves psychologicalintimidation, threatening, isolation, criticism, public humiliation and constant personal comments which undermines self-worth.Stalking, gaslighting, stonewalling are also considered as emotional abuse, which may lead to depression or even suicide.

  • Economy. Restricting or controlling the access of partner to economic resources is considered as economic or financial abuse. It involves restriction on resource usage too. The victim is dependent on abuser for livelihood and day-to-day things because of lack of education and employment. The victim may be put on a strict allowance and how much the money spent is monitored. These may be lead to disagreement or tension, for the leading towards physical or sexual abuse.

Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is harmful not only for victim but for family, children and society. It tears apart the family and have deep effect on children too.

  • Effects on victim. The victim have to face physical pain, bruises, sprained body parts, fatigue and other bodily harm. The victim may lead towards psychological trauma, depression, anger, regular consumption of alcohol or drugs. Permanent physical disability can also be seen in some of the cases.

  • Effects on family. The harmony and trust in the family is broken and constant conflicts destroy the family environment. The family has to undergo with frequency shifting because of fear of abuser. Child protection becomes a major threat for the family in some cases family even dissolves.

  • Effects on children. Children are the most delicate member of family and things which happens around cast a psychological effect on them. Diffuse emotional distress and sleeping and eating disturbances. They become aggressive and develop negative mind-set, lose confidence and concentration and develop an uncaring nature.

  • Effects on community. Society have to face victim with physical and emotional trauma. The children, who are the future of nation grows up into a lad with no positive attitude. High rated drugs and alcohol consumption is being seen. Health problems are a major sign of concern for society because of abusive relationship.

Prevention Against Domestic Violence

The cultural and societal approach needs to be changed in order to prevent society from the violence.

  • Cultural. It is seen that abusing a wife is a common practice and is regarded as a way to control her. Girls are deprived of education and employment opportunities so as to ensure their dependability on men. Men then, can control their female counterparts and even inflict physical and emotional abuse to control them. This mind-set needs to be changed and thinking of female as an assets should be stopped.

  • Religion. Divorce is criticized in every religion including Hinduism and Islam, thustrapping victims into abusive relationship. The religion should not be considered as more important than humanism.
  • Customs and traditions. Custom such as preference of boy child, neglecting girl child, child marriage, forced marriage, dowry system, strict dress codes, taboos about menstruation and marital rape are influencing an increase in domestic violence and same needs to be eradicated in order to provide respect to female and save themfrom abuse in their own family.

  • Legislation. The harmony in society is backed with the laws and legislation. The abusive may think twice before abusing if the legal matters are transparent and unbiased. The victim should know about the legal help in order to help themselves and stand against abuser for their rights and freedom. Marriage law, anti dowry law and laws against domestic violence are made in order to save the victim.

Domestic violence spread into the society is a leech and can destroy the family. Social awareness is necessary to save the victims and abusers should be penalized for the wrong-doing.

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