Essay on Pollution Air, Water and Noise Pollution Essay

Essay on Pollution Air, Water and Noise Pollution Essay

Essay on Pollution Air, Water and Noise Pollution Essay

Essay on Pollution Air, Water and Noise Pollution Essay: We are living in an era of pollution. Everything around us is polluted. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink are all polluted. But today the most dangerous type of pollution is environmental pollution. This is the worst threat facing the man today. Scientists and biologists list the hazards of environmental pollution. The fallout from nuclear testing can increase the incidence of cancer. The widespread proliferation of pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers has contaminated food and surface water. The increasing use of synthetic detergents has led to contaminated water supply. Thus environmental pollution has endangered every existence of all forms of life of man.

Air Pollution

The problem of pollution is engaging the attention of the sensible people in the developed as well as the developing countries. What do we mean by pollution?   It means contaminating the elements of air, water and earth. We are polluting the air that we breathe. The agents of air pollution are the chimney smokes and the fumes from cars and trucks. We can see thick smoke all over the city in winter session and due to this people don’t get enough oxygen and feel difficulties in breathing. They develop bronchial problems or breathing trouble. Millions of vehicles in Delhi burns petrol or diesel in large amount. There are so many thermal power plants and factories which use coal which cause air pollution. There is hardly any green cover left on the ridge. Trees have been felled and the public parks have turned into slums. If we don’t check air pollution the day is not far when we shall have to carry oxygen cylinder to keep us alive.

Water Pollution

Water is life, life is not possible without water, but water pollution is becoming a serious problem day by day. As we all know that three quarters of the entire earth is surrounded by water, but still only one quarter of water can be used in it. Three fourth of the water is either saline or polluted which cannot be used. Therefore, the amount of water that we have available for use, we have to conserve it, it has to be pollution free.

Various types of chemicals coming out of factories, polluted water of houses, drains, polluted sewage urine of sewer are easily released in rivers, which is a major cause of water pollution. Water is an integral part of our life, it should not be allowed to go.

To save water from getting polluted, we should take the following steps.

Waste, chemicals, etc. from factories should not be carried in rivers.

Sewer lines, waste materials from homes should not flow into rivers.

Cleaning should be done regularly around water sources,

Washing clothes should not be done near water sources, etc. Water can be saved from pollution by steps.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is also a very big factor of pollution. Any kind of pollution is very harmful for human life style. Hearing power can also be destroyed by noise pollution. There are many reasons for noise pollution, including loud speakers, high pressure vehicles of vehicles, machines running in factories, etc. To avoid noise pollution, suitable factors should be used to a minimum, by applying green or paint on the preparation of old machines, noise pollution caused by them can be reduced.

Measures to Reduce Pollution: How Can Pollution be Reduced

Trees are very important in our life. We just can’t do without them. We depend on trees for timber, paper, train coaches, boats and ships, boxes, tools and many other things. Without paper, a decent life would be impossible. The people of the village cook their food with fire food, which is obtained from the trees. They also use wood to construct huts, bullock carts, plows and a variety of tools and agricultural implements. Some trees also have medicinal importance.

Please add to the charm and beauty of the place. Rabindranath Tagore established his Shanti Niketan among the trees.

Today, environmental pollution has become a dangerous problem. Trees help a lot in improving the environment. They cause rain. They protect our social and water resources under the ground. They prevent floods and droughts. Above all, they purify the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving oxygen.

It requires a nationwide lunch program to grow more trees. For this the community should be built for village groups on the common land of the village. Efforts should be made to make the wastelands green.

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