GK Quiz for Class 3: Maths, Science GK Quiz for Grade 3 Worksheets

GK Quiz for Class 3: Maths, Science GK Quiz for Grade 3 Worksheets

GK Quiz for Class 3

Dear Students, Here we have given number of GK Quiz for Class 3 Students, Kids. In this section students will read GK quiz of Computer GK Quiz for Class 3, Sports GK Quiz for Class 3, Math Quiz for Class3, Science Quiz for Class 3, English Quiz for Class 3, and History GK Quiz for Class 3. GK Quiz for Class 3: Maths, Science GK Quiz for Grade 3 Worksheets

GK Quiz for Class 3 Students, Kids General Knowledge

Question: What does saffron color symbolize?

(A) Valor and sacrifice

(B) Peace

(C) Wisdom

Answer: (A) Valor and sacrifice

Question: The standard unit of length is________

(A) Meter

(B) Liter

(C) Gram

Answer: (A) Meter

Question: Weight of a sack of wheat is measured in

(A) Gram

(B) Liter

(C) Kilogram

Answer: (C) Kilogram

Question: The shape of our Earth is___________

(A) Round

(B) Square

(C) Rectangle

Answer: (A) Round

Question: chose natural fiber from the following?

(A) Nylon

(B) Rayon

(C) Cotton

Answer: (C) Cotton

Question: When is Gandhi Jayanti celebrated?

(A) 2 October

(B) 9 November

(C) 25 December

Answer: (A) 2 October

Question: We can locate any place in our colony with the help of___

(A) A colony Map

(B) The Sun

(C) A ruler

Answer:  (A) A Colony Map

Question: The means of transport that moves on the sea is the______

(A) Aero plane

(B) Ship

(C) Train

Answer: (A) Aero plane

Question: When is Children’s Day celebrated?

(A) 14 November

(B) 5 September

(C) 25 December

Answer: (B) 5 September

Question: The clothes we wear on special occasions are called?

(A) Suits

(B) Party Wear

(C) Uniforms

Answer: (B) Party Wear

Question: Trees shed their leaves during_____

(A) Autumn

(B)  Spring

(C) Winter

Answer: (A) Autumn

Question: Name of the person who treats us when we are sick is called

(A) Chemist

(B) Doctor

(C) Farmer

Answer: (B) Doctor

Question: Very high hills are called___

(A) Plains

(B) Oceans

(C) Mountains

Answer: (C) Mountains

Question: The sun sets in the_________

(A) South

(B) East

(C) West

Answer: (C) West

Question: A vehicle with an engine is a____

(A) Car

(B) Rickshaw

(C) Bicycle

Answer: (A) Car

Question: We get silk from

(A) Sheep

(B) Plants

(C) Silkworms

Answer: (C) Silkworms

Question:  Woolen clothes protect us from the_______

(A) Cold

(B) Rain

(C) Heat

Answer: (A) Cold

Question: Trees have new leaves during______

(A) Spring

(B) Winter

(C) Autumn

Answer: (A) Spring

Question: When is Teachers’ Day celebrated?

(A) 14 November

(B) 5 September

(C) 2 October

Answer: (B) 5 September

Question: When is Christmas celebrated?

(A) 23 December

(B) 26 December

(C) 25 December

Answer: (C) 25 December

Question: Who looks after our garden?

(A) Farmer

(B) Gardener

(C) Mechanic

Answer: (B) Gardener

Question: We find________ in the desert

(A) Snow

(B) River

(C) Sand

Answer: (C) Sand

Question: The sun rises in the_________

(A) East

(B) West

(C) North

Answer: (A) East

Question: The fastest means of transport is an_____

(A) Ship

(B) Train

(C) Aero plane

Answer: (C) Aero plane

Question: The fiber we use to make a sweater is_______

(A) Cotton

(B) Wool

(C) Silk

Answer: (B) Wool

Question: We get cotton from______

(A) Silkworm

(B) Cotton Plant

(C) Sheep

Answer: (B) Cotton Plant

Question: A person who grows food crops is a___

(A) mechanic

(B) Singer

(C) Farmer

Answer: (C) Farmer

Question: Land that is flat like our playground is called a________

(A) Hill

(B) Plain

(C) Valley

Answer: (B) Plain

Question: Cotton threads are made into cloth on a

(A) Sewing machine

(B) Spinning machine

(C) Loom

Answer: (C) Loom

Question: A person who catches thieves is a

(A) Tailor

(B) Farmer

(C) Policeman

Answer: (C) Policeman

Questions: Name the five Seasons

Answer:  The five seasons are

  1. Winter Season
  2. Summer Season
  3. Rainy Season
  4. Autumn Season
  5. Spring Season

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