Technology Essay, Advantages Disadvantages Essay on Technology

Technology Essay, Advantages Disadvantages Essay on Technology

Technology Essay, Advantages Disadvantages Essay on Technology


Technology Essay

Technology Essay, Advantages Disadvantages Essay on Technology : Technology is derived from two Greek words, techne, which implies art, skill or cunning of hand, and, logia, meaning, a branch of learning. In summation, technology can be defined as a learning way of using art and science. It is the aggregation of skills, techniques, processes and methods used in the production of goods or services, or fulfilment of other objectives, such as scientific and research work.

In simple terms, technology is putting science or knowledge into practical use to resolve the problems, or invention of tools or machines. The basic form of technology is the invention and use of tools. Since Stone Age, technology is evolving and making the life of people easier and faster. Technology can be categorised under Six heads:

  1. Technology of Teaching.
  2. Instructional Technology.
  3. Assistive Technology.
  4. Medical Technology.
  5. Technology of Productive Tools.
  6. Information Technology.

Technology Importance & Advantages( Technology Essay)

Technology serves variety of functions in different arena of life. It makes both the personal and professional life easier, comfortable and secure. The alarm clock, which helps to wake up people, the tea machine, water heater, kitchen appliances, laptops, software, vehicles, smartphone and air conditioner, all are the resultant of technological advancement. Technology is important for each and every phase of life including business, education and medicine.

  1. Education. Technology plays a vital role in Education from creating an innovative and new practical syllabus and learning materials to incorporating training programmes for teachers. Traditional classroom has been changed into creative workplace with the advancement of syllabus, platforms, learning skills and way of interaction. The advantages of incorporation of technology in education can be summarised as under:
  • Improves engagement. As students are more comfortable with internet and technology, they tends to be interested in technologically advanced classes, rather than traditional classroom. Technology makes learning more fun and enjoyable and engagement of technology help studentsto learn better and easily.
  • Knowledge Retention. As students are more interested in studying in advanced classroom, lessons can be learned quickly and retained for the longer period of time.
  • Individual Learning. Different students have different learning style and students can learn according to their measures and suitability through digital education.
  • Other useful life skills. Students can gain knowledge of life skills apart from bookish knowledge, which will help in overall personality development and issue management.
  • Comfortable learning. Any students, apart from their family background, can learn skills from all over the world as per interest sitting back into the home.
  • Business. Tangible and intangible advantages are borne into the business because of technology. Technological infrastructure advancement improves efficiency, culture and relationship of a business. As basic as electronic file speeds up the process, saves paper and cost borne on printing. Technological system helps in design improvement and manages customer relationship. Use of latest technology helps business not only stand in the competitive market, but also brings better results compared with others.
  • Communication. The communication is inevitable part of business, personal and social life. With the help of evolving technology, social interaction with people sitting far away becomes easier and convenient. The ideas and issues at work can be easily shared within seconds with the advanced technology and people don’t have to wait for face to face interaction, thus, work delay can be minimized.
  • Security. With the help of technology; cameras, alarms, detectors and other security devices are developed which helps in our security. The file or data can be secured properly with the help of password and other encryption.
  • Supplies. The E-commerce is spreading widely and supplying of products and services become easier because of technological advancement. The technology helps the business to build end to end chain of supply and timely deliveries. It also enablecustomers to keep a watch on delivery process, making it convenient for customers.
  • Space. Space research can only be possible because of technologically advanced equipment and machines. New tech gadgets, satellites and other devices are designed which helps scientists and engineers employed and reveal the se rets of space.
  • Medical.Technologies like better monitoring system, surgical device and scanning equipment helps in improving the quality of health life, allows patients to speed less time in recovery, less pain in treatment and enjoy a healthy life. The discovery of new vaccine and medicines are also part of technology advancement.
  • Information Technology. Computers and software makes the work of all department easier.
    • It ensures that the business run smoothly.
    • Students can learn from anywhere.
    • Online purchase become fashionable.
    • Digital medical examination and medical prescription became possible.
    • Online data security using password and encryption is possible.
    • Communication system got advanced.
    • It enhances employment opportunities for IT professionals and experts.

Technology Disadvantages:

Advanced technology is making room in almost all spheres of life, thus making life easier and comfortable. But, apart from comfortable, it is making life dependent too. With pros, there comes cons too and some of the disadvantages are jotted down:

  • Over reliance and addiction on gadgets. From education to entertainment, from medical to space and from communication to security; the gadgets and technology plays a significant role and over reliability on gadgets can be troublesome, if data got lost. Addictive computer games, websites and social media is very harmful too.

  • Data Security and plagiarism. Data are stored on Digital technology and a single breach may lead to data theft into the hands of malign entities. Moreover, the issue of copyright and data plagiarism can’t be overlooked too. Sometimes, the original creator may be forgotten and a piece of art or work is claimed by others.

  • Social disconnection. The people now-a-days are involved in digital communication, rather than personal communication. The issue leads to disconnection and isolation and even depression.

  • To Students. Technology may distract students from learning. They may involve themselves into the games and other stuffs, rather than learning. Moreover, students ignore the importance of in-person communication and may indulge themselves into the digital world only, which is not good for overall personal development of students.

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of modern life in recent time including office, house, television, movies, travel, food, communication and shopping. It’s almost impossible not to find the influence of technology over anyone’s lives. The digitization has its advantages and disadvantages too and it depends on people to use it wisely and effectively for development.

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