Mother Teresa Essay in English 200 Words, 500 Words & 1000 Words       

Mother Teresa Essay in English 200 Words| Short Essay on Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Essay in English 200 Words, 500 Words & 1000 Words: Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born in 1910, She became a nun when she was only 12 years old and was given the name Teresa. At the age of 18, she was sent to India to teach at a convent in Kolkata. One day she felt as if God was telling her to work for the poor people of the city. She left the convent and moved into the slums of Kolkata. She started to look after the needy children.

In 1950, she and the people working with her set up a new order called Missionaries of Charity. They took a vow to serve the poor. She believed that serving the poor mean serving Christ Himself.

Over the year, the Missionaries of Charity opened schools, orphanages, homes for lepers and homes for the dying poor in India and other countries.

For her selfless services for the poor, Mother Teresa received many awards. Among them are the Bharat Ratna from the Indian Government, the Magsaysay Award and the Noble Peace Prize. She died in the year 1997. But she will live forever in the memory of people, especially the poor.

Essay on Mother Teresa| Mother Teresa Essay in English 1000 Words

Essay on Mother Teresa| Mother Teresa Essay in English 1000 Words : Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu was a catholic nun who spent all her life for poor, deprived and unloved people. She was named as Mother Teresa because of her act of kindness and selfless love just like a mother.

Essay on Mother Teresa for Students

Early years

Essay on Mother Teresa

She was born n 26th of August 1910 in Skopje, Ottoman Empire, which is now the capital of North Macedonia. She considered 27th August as her true birthday as she was baptized on that day. She was the youngest of her siblings and she lost her father at the age of 8 years. She was fascinated by the stories of missionaries and was convinced at the age of 12, that she will commit her life to the same.

At the age of 18, she left home and joined Sisters of Loreto in Rathfarnham, Ireland, with an intention to learn English and becoming missionary later on.

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Once she stepped out of her house, she never saw or met her mother and sister. She went to India in 1929 and lived in Darjeeling, West Bengal. She learnt Bengali there and taught in a school near her convent, named as “St. Teresa School”.

Her first religious vow was done on 24th May 1931 and she chose her name to be Teresa, which is Spanish spelling of Therese de Lisieux. Her solemn vow was done on 14th May 1937, while she was teaching in the Loreto Convent, Calcutta.

She became headmistress of Convent in 1944 after serving for good 20 years. She felt disturbed with the poverty and miserable condition of poor people and left the school after deciding t stay with the poor to serve them.

Social Work and Missionaries of Charity

 In September 1946, Teresa wanted to leave convent and live with the poor to help them. She called it an order from the almighty. She started her missionary work and to begin with, replaced her clothing with a blue bordered white cotton saree.

She took Indian citizenship and spent few months in Patna, Bihar to train herself with the basic medical situation. She also founded a school in Calcutta. In 1949, she was joined in by the young women’s group and here, foundation of new religion based on humanity was laid on. It was also the time when Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa, though nobody, at that time, knew it.

Mother Teresa founded “Missionaries of Charity” in 1950 to serve humanity. As per her, this organization was made to care about hungry, naked, homeless, crippled, blind, lepers, unwanted, unloved and uncared people. She received Vatican permission for the “Missionaries of Charity” and her efforts took attention of Indian Government too. The first year was quite miserable with no income, no food supplies and no resources. She even has to beg for the materials in order to sustain.

 In 1952, she opened first health care unit of hers, with the help of officials of Calcutta. She called it home and people in need of medical attention were brought there. They were given medical attention and an opportunity to die in accordance with their religious faith and the place doesn’t discriminate between different religions. She opened yet another health care for Leprosy, and named it Shanti Nagar; an orphanage named as Nirmala Shishu Bhavan and several other small institutions to serve the poor and unwanted.

The Missionaries of Charity opened heath care centers, orphanages, leper houses, refugee camps for victims of social and natural disaster, including flood and famine in and outside India.

In 1963, the Missionaries of Charity Brothers too was founded and the congregation had 5000 sisters and 450 brothers operating in 120 countries by the end f year 2007.

She visited countries like Europe, Africa, Ethiopia, Armenia, Albania and others for the same cause and worked for humanity there also. She helped poor and unloved people, provide food to hungry, shelter to homeless, medicine to ill, and love to needy people.

Last days and Health

 Mother Teresa had a heart attack in 1983, followed by second in 1989. In 1991, she had encountered with other heart problems. In 1996, she fell and her collarbone broke, followed by malaria and heart issues. She resigned from the designation of head of Missionaries of Charity on 13th March 1997 and died on 5th September, 1997.

Awards and Recognition

 Indian Government had recognized her during her life time only. She, however, received several recognitions in the form of awards. She received Padma Shri award in 1962, Jawaharlal Nehru award for International understanding in 1969 and Bharat Ratna in 1980.

She was even worshipped by some Hindus in Kolkata. Her official biography was published by Navin Chawla in 1992. A special Rs.5 coin was issued on 28th August 2010 on her 100th anniversary.

She, however, was criticized by many in India, on the basis that she was here to propagate Christianity, not humanity and she had glorified poverty and illness.

She received recognition in the foreign countries too for her work and sincerity. She was conferred with Ramon Magsaysay Award for peace and International understanding in 1962, for work done by her in Asia.

Several movies and documentaries were made too. She was awarded with Pope John XXIII peace prize by Pope Paul VI in 1971.

She received several other awards and recognitions like Honorary citizenship of United states, order of merit, pacem in Terris award, Balzan price, Albert Schweitzer International prize and many others. She was conferred with Noble Peace Prize and declined the banquet. She asked to give the amount to the poor people of India.

 Mother Teresa was considered to be a spiritual person and she is a milestone of humanity and kindness.

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